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Learn Windows XP Professional: The Files and Settings Transfer Wizard (Page 5) Page 5

Now that we have finished the
process on the OLD COMPUTER, we can head back over to the
NEW COMPUTER and continue from the last screen we were
presented with there. (SHOWN BELOW)

We would select NEXT to arrive
elected to use the D: drive, this is where we would point
the Wizard to and select NEXT to continue.

The Wizard
will begin the transfer by organizing the files and settings
for transfer and then complete the process.

Once this
last step finishes the transfer of files and settings will
be complete.

That’s a
wrap for this week. Be sure to check back in next week for
the next article in this series.

the meantime, best of luck in your
studies and please feel free to contact me with any
questions on my column and remember,

“Out of date virus software is only marginally better than
none at all.”

Jason Zandri

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