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The Rise of Kubernetes Continues
With big guns like Microsoft really getting behind Kubernetes and Kubernetes developers, the momentum behind the all-conquering container management system that is Kubernetes is starting to look unstoppable.

Ampere Ramps Up Its eMAG Arm Server Platform Silicon
New Arm server silicon vendor announces its first platform.

Red Hat CEO Optimistic About OpenShift 4.0 as RHEL Lags
Red Hat reports second quarter revenue of $823M, as interest in container technology continues to grow.

How Kubernetes' Founder Is Building an Un-Distribution at Heptio
VIDEO: Joe Beda, Co-Founder of Heptio, discusses his firm's efforts to help bring Kubernetes to complex enterprise environments.

Cisco Debuts UCS C480 ML Server for Machine Learning Workloads
Cisco bulks up its C480 rack server with NVIDIA GPUs and new validated designs to help accelerate deep learning workloads.

VMware on Verge of Delivering HTML5-Based vSphere Client?
If you're a vSphere sysadmin and have been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for a fully-featured HTML5-based vSphere client, VMware finally has some news for you.

Vapor IO Advances Efforts to Build Kinetic Edge Platform
Micro data center technology aims to make it easier for organizations to deploy edge computing.

Global Server Market Reaches $22.5B in 2Q18
IDC reports that Dell EMC continues to lead the overall market for both server revenue and units shipped.

VMware Readies vRealize Operations 7 with Powerful Enhancements
The intelligent operations management tool is set to receive a major upgrade that will help make managing cloud deployments even easier and more cost efficient.

Who Is Paying for Open Source?
At Open Source Summit, IBM outlines the constituents and process of open source.

Mainframes Get GUI with Zowe Project
VIDEO: John Merton, Director of Program Management at the Open Mainframe project, announces the new Zowe project.

Linux Foundation on Track for Best Year Ever as Open Source Dominates
At the Open Source Summit North America Event, Jim Zemlin details the successes of the Linux Foundation, beyond just Linux.

VMware Goes Platinum for vSphere Virtual Server Deployments
VMware is now directly integrating advanced security in vSphere.

Open Metrics Project Comes to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation
New effort aims to help define a standard format for cloud-native server application metrics.

9 Quick Yet Powerful PowerShell Cmdlets for Azure Virtual Machines
Discover some handy Azure PowerShell commands that can help things run smoother when managing Azure virtual machines.

HPE Building Eagle Supercomputer for U.S. Department of Energy
New system will be used to help study renewable energy.

What the CoreOS Acquisition Means for Red Hat and the Container Space
CoreOS made some big waves in the container space in its short history, and now that it's part of Red Hat it's likely to make some even bigger ones.

Linux 4.18 Benefits from Energy-Aware Scheduling on ARM
Longest release cycle this year for the Linux kernel brings some new features.

IBM Debuts POWER9 Servers for the Enterprise
IBM is announcing the new E950 and E980 POWER9 servers, with up to 192 cores of compute power.

VMware Returns to Server Virtualization Roots with vSphere 6.7 Release
VMware hasn't lost sight of its server virtualization roots, as evidenced by the company's new and improved vSphere 6.7.

Intel and AMD Advance Server Fortunes
The two big silicon vendors continue to see demand and growth.

Docker 18.06 CE Debuts Alongside New Release Cadence
Docker Inc is changing the way it handles releases for its community edition in an effort to provide a longer support cycle.

Google Updates Cloud Services for What's Next
At Google Next, Kubernetes comes down from Google's Cloud and is now available to run on-premises.

Citrix XenServer and XenDesktop Deliver Desktops Virtually to any Device
Citrix provides robust virtual desktop capabilities with comprehensive client support in XenServer 7.5 and XenDesktop 7.18.

Google Embraces New Kubernetes Application Standard
Google is bringing commercial Kubernetes applications to its cloud marketplace, but it isn't using Helm charts as the primary method for deployment.

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