Tip of the Trade: Lintrack

By Carla Schroder (Send Email)
Posted Nov 21, 2006

Lintrack is a small, very well-integrated Linux distribution aimed at small-to-medium wireless Internet service providers. It works just fine for wired network services as well. What, you say, yet another customized networking Linux? What makes this one special? I'm so glad you asked, because this particular Linux distribution is chock-full of special goodies. Lintrack Linux is billed as a Linux for ISP, but it's more than just another customized networking Linux. Flatconf, integrated configuration utility, helps it stand out from the crowd.

Here is but a wee sampling of all the neat stuff crammed into Lintrack:

  • VLAN support
  • Traffic shaping
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Zone-based firewall
  • Static and dynamic routing
  • Ethernet bonding
  • OpenVPN
  • ChilliSpot wireless hotspot
  • Radius authentication server

Sure, these are all things anyone can download and use, but what makes Lintrack special is its Flatconf integrated configuration utility. This gives hardworking admins a single system-wide, consistent administration interface.

What can you do with Lintrack? It can be deployed as a firewall, VPN gateway, wired or wireless router, content filter, OSPFv2 backbone router, HotSpot gateway, authentication server, HTTP proxy, traffic shaping, time server ... all from a single text configuration interface.

Lintrack is free of cost, Free software. It has loads of excellent documentation and user forums. Put the money you save on software licenses into extra-good hardware. You don't have to be an ISP to find many ways to deploy this excellent Linux distribution in your network.

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