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After the release of Exchange 2000 at the MEC in Dallas (USA) which was held from October 9 - 13th) people start looking for training resources. The following is snipped from the Exchange 2000 website I maintain at www.exchange-mail.org and gives a good list of some free training resources that are available on the web about Exchange Server 2000. 

After the release of Exchange 2000 at the MEC in Dallas (USA) which was held from October 9 - 13th) people start looking for training resources. The following is snipped from the Exchange 2000 website I maintain at www.exchange-mail.org and gives a good list of some free training resources that are available on the web about Exchange Server 2000.



Exchange 2000 Server Learning Center
Find up-to-date Exchange 2000 Server training resources, such as instructor-led courses, self-paced training, online seminars, and Microsoft Press. books, from the Microsoft Training & Services site.
Exchange 2000 Training Path Special Offer
Save 25% on courses designed to get you ready for Exchange 2000 deployment, including courses teaching Microsoft Windows. 2000 support skills. Offer ends August 31, 2000. Find the details on the Microsoft Training & Services site.
Ten Steps to Exchange 2000 Seminars
Visit the Compaq site and find information on these seminars that are designed to help you prepare to deploy Exchange 2000 and Windows 2000.

Books and trainingkits


MCSE Exchange 2000 Server Study Guide Exam 70-Xxx (Certification)
by Syngress Media Inc(Editor). Hardcover (September 2000)

Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Training Kit with CDROM
by Kay Unkroth. Paperback (September 2000)




Updating Administration and Support Skills from Exchange Server 5.x to Exchange 2000 (Course #1569)
Learn how to install, configure, and administer Exchange 2000. Additional topics include interaction with the Microsoft Windows. 2000 Active Directory Connector, the new version of Outlook Web Access (OWA), and real-time collaboration support. Course length: four days. Prerequisite: Course #1026, or equivalent knowledge, and Course #1579.
Designing and Deploying Exchange 2000 Server (Course #1571)
Learn how to deploy Exchange 2000 Server. Topics include how to modify an Active Directory service design, coexistence with Exchange 5.5, and upgrading from previous versions of Exchange. Course length: one day. Prerequisite: Course #1569.

Managing the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) Database (Course #1618)
Develop the skills to maintain an ESE database and to perform disaster recovery. Course length: two days. Prerequisite: Course #1026.

Support Webcasts


Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server on a Cluster
This session will discuss the steps taken to integrate Microsoft Exchange 2000 with Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5. The session will provide all the necessary information that you need to ensure a successful migration. This presentation will also cover what needs to be done if this is just an installation of only Microsoft Exchange 2000. (December 2000)


Conferencing Over the Internet Using Microsoft Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server
This session will discuss how to provide Conferencing services to participants over the Internet. The discussion will focus on the specific requirements of Microsoft Exchange Conferencing Server, the conferencing participant's requirements, and the configuration of additional ancillary software and hardware to provide the Internet Conferencing experience. (December 2000)


How to Setup the Exchange 2000 Migration Wizard (Q262201)
This presentation provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the Microsoft Exchange Migration Wizard for Exchange 2000.


Microsoft Exchange 2000 Setup
This session will discuss setting up Exchange 2000 in the Exchange Server version 5.5 environment. The presentation will include information about installing only Exchange 2000, as well as installing Exchange 2000 where a version 5.5 Exchange server exists. (November 2000)


Introduction to Hosting Exchange 2000 Enterprise Server
This session will introduce the new features and technologies in Exchange 2000 Enterprise Server that are targeted at the application service provider business. In this high-level overview, we will discuss design, implementation, as well as management options and considerations to be taken into account when deploying Exchange 2000 as a hosted service. (October 2000)


Troubleshooting Common Issues Regarding Exchange 2000 Real-Time Collaboration
This session discusses common troubleshooting techniques and support issues regarding the Exchange 2000 Server Instant Messaging and Conference components. (October 2000)


Migrating from GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange 2000 online seminar
An overview of the process of how to migrate mailboxes from GroupWise to Exchange 2000. This overview will discuss the use of both the Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise, and the Exchange Migration Wizard. (May 2000)


Upgrading from cc:Mail to Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server online seminar
So, its time for you to migrate off your cc:Mail platform. Discover the tools and techniques that can migrate users data quickly and easily, with the least amount of risk or effort. This session will detail exactly why the easiest platform to move to is Exchange 2000. (May 2000)


Introduction to the Active Directory Connector

In this session, you will be introduced to the Active Directory Connector (ADC) and how Connection Agreements will interact with the Windows 2000 Active Directory. Basic configurations and diagnostic logging will also be discussed.


What's New in Microsoft Exchange 2000

This WebCast will present an overview of the new features that are available in Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and discuss what changes were made from version 5.5.


Exchange 2000 Setup, Coexistence, and Upgrade

This session will focus on the requirements for and the procedures involved in installing Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. Also discussed is how coexistence in an Exchange 5.5 site functions. In addition, covered are different methods you can use to upgrade from previous versions of Exchange to Exchange 2000.


Exchange 2000 Server: Backup and Restore

This session will focus on the process of backing up and restoring a computer running Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. With the concept of multiple Storage Groups and databases, the backup and restore process is much more involved than in earlier versions of Exchange Server. Also discussed are potential issues that you may run into during these procedures.


First Look: Exchange 2000 Real-time Collaboration

This WebCast provides an overview of the Exchange 2000 Instant Messaging and Conference components.


Microsoft Exchange Disaster Recovery

The presentation will cover the Extensible Storage Engine, backup and restore operations, database problems, and prevention. The session will also provide details about the database, best practices, and where to obtain more detailed information.


Upgrading Exchange Server to Windows 2000

This session will cover upgrading existing Exchange Server to Windows 2000. Topics will include general upgrade information, special considerations, and special recommendations. Topics will include specific discussions and recommendations for connectivity, backup, protocols, and security.


Tuning The Microsoft Exchange Server

This presentation will cover how to do performance tuning on a Microsoft Exchange Server computer. We will discuss the directory service, information store, Internet Mail Service, message transfer agent, and Internet News Service.


Exchange Updates in Small Business Server 4.5

This WebCast will discuss updates to Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, which is included with Small Business Server 4.5. We will touch on some of the underused features of Exchange Server that can help expand functionality in the Small Business environment.


Microsoft Exchange Server version 5.5, Service Pack 3

This presentation will touch on some of the high priority Service Pack 3 bug fixes, as well as changes and additions to the functionality in Exchange Server 5.5. We will present the priority bug fixes, an overview of the Message Transfer Agent Mixer functionality, and the Microsoft Information Store Anti-virus interface.


Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Lotus Notes Connector

This WebCast will cover the features and functionality of the Lotus Notes Connector. It will focus on some of the enhancements made to the connector with Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3. The session will also talk about installation, common problems (and steps you can use to troubleshoot those problems), and directory synchronization customization.


Microsoft Exchange: Message Transfer Agent

This session will discuss what the Microsoft Exchange Server message transfer agent (MTA) is and how it works.


Configuring and Maintaining the Exchange Server Internet Mail Service

This session will discuss common problems, best practices, and general information about Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and the Internet Mail Service IMS).


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