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Thomas Shinder

The road to the Windows 2000 MCSE can be a treacherous one. The new exams contain questions that move beyond testing your basic knowledge of the subject, and toward your ability to integrate knowledge of the facts and figures to solve complex, real-world problems.

The road to the Windows 2000 MCSE can be a treacherous one. The new exams contain questions that move beyond testing your basic knowledge of the subject, and toward your ability to integrate knowledge of the facts and figures to solve complex, real-world problems.

In order to prepare for these challenging new exams you'll need plenty of experience working with Windows 2000. But if you're a Microsoft exam veteran, you know that extensive experience just isn't enough. Your job probably doesn't expose you to the all of Windows 2000's capabilities on a regular basis. And even for those things that you do understand and use on a regular basis, how deeply do you really understand how they work? When you work with a particular technology everyday, you don't necessarily worry about how it works, you just need it to work!

But in order to pass the new Windows 2000 exams, you not only need to know how the technologies work, you also need to know how they work with each other, and how to troubleshoot problems that you probably have never encountered. It will take more than just extensive hands-on, on-the-job experience to make a go of these certification exams.

To help you in your quest for Windows 2000 certification, we have gathered the efforts of dozens of trainers, authors and practicing Windows 2000 system administrators to put together a groundbreaking collection of practice exams that we call ExamSim. These ExamSim practice tests are designed not only to help you pass the grueling Windows 2000 exams, but will also help you learn a lot about Windows 2000 in general.

What Makes Them Different Than the Other Practice Tests?

These exams simulate the level of difficulty you'll find on the actual Microsoft exams. However, you'll find other test providers that will do the same thing. So, what's the difference?

  1. There are no vague questions with BS answers
  2. Each choice in the question, correct and incorrect, is explained in detail
  3. The explanations are detailed and informative, much more so than any other test provider
  4. I have reviewed and approved all the questions. No fat guy with a cigar, or "cheesecake" girl with overdone lipstick, or some anonymous "team" had the final say on what's good and what's not. The buck stops here, and you know where to find me.
  5. If you think a question is bogus, there is a button on the ExamSim interface that will allow you to send a message to us, so that we can clarify things for you.
  6. They don't cost an arm and a leg!

Those are a lot of good reasons to give the ExamSim practices tests a try. Let's look at them in more detail.

No Vague Questions

You've seen these questions, that present you with a vague set of circumstances, and then they have the gall to ask you "which is the best choice!" Then you read the answer and see that the best choice was clearly based on the question author's bias, and not based on what Microsoft thinks is best, or what real-life experience shows to be true.

Those ambiguous, vague and opinion based questions don't do you any good. During the test preparation process, you want to drill-down to the meat of the subject, and not have to deal with the peccadilloes of an exam writer of unknown networking experience. The ExamSim software won't be an experience in mind reading for the test taker.

All the Answers are Explained

Have you ever taken a practice test and got the answer wrong, and then have no idea why it was wrong because only the correct answer was discussed? That's a pretty frustrating experience, and one that you won't have with the ExamSim test questions. Each and every answer, both the correct and incorrect ones, are explained in detail as to why its either correct or incorrect.

Detailed Explanations

There's one well-known test provider for Windows 2000 questions who thinks an adequate explanation for a question is a two or three sentence interpretation of the right answer, and then they refer you to the Microsoft Press books if you want to know the rest. It seems to me that if you paid for the practice test, it should include detailed explanations. What if you don't have the Microsoft Press books? What if you don't even like the Microsoft Press books? What if the questions are based on the errors in the Microsoft Press books! Not only have they wasted your time, but they trying to get you to spend money on more books.

The ExamSim practice tests include detailed, comprehensive explanations, and they don't send you anywhere else to "read all about it". You've already read all about it! Now you want to sharpen the knife, and get those critical distinctions that will give you the edge on the exam.

No Glamour Shots Girls Here

You've seen the Ads for another test provider. For some reason you're supposed to think that the "Cover Girl" in the Ad is supposed to give you the edge. Who is she? How do you contact her? The same company has a bald guy with a cigar threatening to get tough on you. Who is he? To what mailing lists or newsgroups does he contribute? What web sites does he run? What corporate networks does he manage or consult on? What books has he written? Does he even have a real name? How do you contact these people to get your questions answered when their practice test question don't make sense?

With ExamSim you know whom to ask. Me. Not Bubba, not Candy, not "the team". You ask me. If one of the questions is bogus or non-sensical, you tell me. And guess what? I'll make sure its fixed and put it up on the website! By the way, Thomas W Shinder is my real name. 

You Get to Keep All Your Arms and Legs

That's right. You don't have to pay an arm and a leg for ExamSim. How much is a practice exam worth? Do you think $150.00US is too much? I do. Do you think $100.00 is too much? I do. The ExamSim practice tests are only $79.95US for each Microsoft exam. You will also get regular updates on the exams via the web site, so when things change, or as we come up with more test questions, you won't be left out in the cold. No extra charge, and I won't even blow cigar smoke in your face.

So, give these tests a try. I think you'll like them. You can get them at the MCSE Emergency Room. Best of all, you won't have to take a second mortgage on the house to get them all. Right now we have ExamSim tests for the 70-210 and the 70-215 exams. We'll have 70-216 and 70-217 ready very soon. Good luck on your exams!

This article was originally published on Oct 11, 2000
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