Nice comments I have received

Steve Schofield

Received 3/99

Nice comments I have received from real people!! If something here has been helpful, let me know!! :)

Hi Steve,

I like your attitude and your ideas, and your listbox demo. Keep up the good work!
My idea for a possible ASP-based demo is an application that would allow a webmaster
to quickly import user generated text or WORD documents into a database (SQL I suppose)
and a way to quickly build a webpage based on the users search request.
If you want to know in greater detail what I'm talking about, please email me back.


Received 3/99


I would like to say thanks for putting up this website. I'm just getting in
to stored procedure with asp and this will give me a kickstart.

Ronan V.

Received 3/99

Just a note to say thanks for putting up a great ASP help site on  www.swynk.com.
i found it a great help especially where the books i've read have always
managed to find a harder way of doing things.
thanks again

Stephan C. 

Received 3/99

Thanks for your article "Using ASP, SQL Server 6.5 & Stored Procedures
to Add records  & return data to an ASP page". It was exactly what I was looking for.

Steve D

First, thank you for providing all the great examples and free code. I
am an ASP newbie/wanabie and am very grateful to you for teaching me
so much.

Thanks so much for your assistance,

Hi! - Received 2/99

Took a swing by Swynk and came by your example code on using the IIS 4.0
SMTP srvice to send email from ASP. Was something I had been thinking of doing but
couldn't find any stuff handy on CDO. Seeing that *all* it took was the few lines of code in
your example, I thought I would give it a shot. After meddling around quite a bit (mostly with
the MMC for configuring SMTP), I finally managed to get it to work :)

The double qoutes around the fields : from address, to address are a little misleading. It caused some
trouble for me at first...but as a newbie, you tend to follow things a little too literally :)
Other than that, no problems. It would be helpful to let other experimenters know that they have to
do some configuring of the SMTP service before the code works.

Great stuff!


Hi Man, - Received 3/7/99

I stopped by on your COOL Site. Good Work Man.

Hi Steve,- Received 2/12/99

I'm an ASP newbie who has found your articles posted to the swnk.com site _most_useful.
I have used "your" method for passing parameters to stored procedures
with some degree of success. ..... Thank You! I would not have got this far
without you.

Steve - Received 2/4/99

Your site is great!  Way to server the ASP developers community with such useful examples laid out in a very easy to understand fashion...

I've been developing with ASP for about two years and have developed a few neat tricks of my own but have never had the time to put them all together on a site.   I'm looking forward to reviewing your demo on using 2 listboxes to display data... something I can definitely use in the near future.

Keep up the great work!

Received on 2/4/99

I've been looking for code samples (not with a great deal of dedication - I
frustrate easily) that demonstrate sending an e-mail from an .asp page.  For
some reason, none of them ever worked, were slick marketing ploys, or I was
simply too inept to implement on our web server.

Yours is the first that worked immediately and with a measly 4 lines of
code!  I am SO happy with you.  I've bookmarked your page, e-mailed it to an
associate or two, and will check back religiously.

How's it feel to make a complete stranger's month?  You're going to make me
a star in my own department when I put this to use.

Hi Steve,  -Received 2/3/99

I'm an ASP newbie who has found your articles posted to the swnk.com site _most_
useful. I have used "your" method for passing parameters to stored procedures
with some degree of success. ..... Thank You! I would not have got this far
without you.

Tips on using CGI and ASP
Hi, As a newbie, I frequently run into small problems that don't seem to be mentioned anywhere. One that I haven't found mentioned in any of the books I'm using or sites I'm cruising concerns the uploading of projects developed in a local environment. I'm using VI6 which keeps the global.asp in the root directory. I'm using a virtual hosting service and found out that it requires the asp files to be placed in the cgi-bin. This meant moving the files and changing the address in action portion of forms for everything to work. Might save somebody else some time and grief.

I really appreciate the effort that was put into this info you have posted. I am a supervisor for a tool and die shop and my main function is to program and operate computerized numerical control machines (cnc). Not quite sure how it happened, but i was drafted into building our company web site. I didnt know beans about how to do this, but after lots of hair pulling, working at home on my own system with my wife telling me " all you do is stay on that damn computer, why dont you make love to it!" I finally built a pretty good site, even if i do say so myself. Now i have been elected to build our company Intranet, complete with data bases for all company info. I think I have a small handle on assessing sql server, got it to work after about a week of trial and error. Now I am on my way, plenty to do still. What I am saying is, I couldnt have gotten this far without sites like yours, people just like you who posted info like you have. I have downloaded and printed enough info to fill 2-3 ring binders. I got my education on the web.

Thanks a million. David Hendrix, Rome tool and Die co.


I see you have nice page about MS Technologies!


This article was originally published on Apr 6, 1999
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