Windows XP SP1

Christopher Rice

Microsoft released the first service pack for their latest operating system on September 9th.

Microsoft released the first service pack for their latest operating system on September 9th.

Microsoft's Jim Allchin stated that:

"Microsoft is always focused on improving the reliability and security of Windows for our customers, and [SP1] is the latest delivery on our commitment to those customers"

followed by:

"Windows XP is the most secure and dependable [OS] we have ever produced, but our work doesn't end when we ship the product. Windows XP [SP1], along with services such as Windows Update, [is an example] of how we help customers keep their PCs updated with the latest and greatest technology."

Here is the link to the Press Release:


In the release, they explain that XP is the OS of the future (until the next one, of course):

Windows XP SP1 will serve as the basis for several new and exciting Microsoft products designed to extend users' experiences. Those products include the following:

  • Windows XP Tablet PC Edition - Software for a business-focused mobile PC with additional Tablet functionality that allows mobile users to take handwritten notes in meetings and on the go.

  • Windows XP Media Center Edition - Software for a media-focused desktop Home PC that allows users to access their digital media files from anywhere in the room using a new user interface and a remote control.

  • Windows Powered Smart Display - The evolution of the PC monitor that will allow consumers to wirelessly connect to their Windows XP-based PC, liberating them from their desk and empowering them with more-convenient access -- anywhere in the home -- to the information, applications and services they enjoy most.

Please let me know of any interesting real world experiences that you have with this SP.

This article was originally published on Aug 7, 2001
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