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Ryan Smith is a network engineer based in Tampa, Fla. with eight years of IT experience. This index lists all the articles by Ryan Smith that have been published on ServerWatch.

The following articles are available on ServerWatch:

Network Documentation - This article discusses the how's and why's of documenting your network environment.

ISA Server 2000 Feature Pack 1 - Microsoft recently released a new Feature Pack for the Internet Security and Authentication 2000 Server. The Feature Pack provides an enhanced level of security and adds numerous features that extend the overall functionality of ISA Server 2000.

CIS Windows NT/2000 Benchmarks - The Center for Internet Security has compiled an excellent security benchmark for locking down and testing the security of Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 workstations and servers.

GFI Email Security Zone - Simply protecting against known email viruses is not enough; mail systems must be secure against both current and future email threats. To see if your email systems are protected, GFI is hosting an Email Security Testing Zone that performs these tests for you for no charge.

Software Update Services - Microsoft recently introduced a new product named Software Update Services or SUS. SUS is designed to bring the functionality of the popular Windows Update site to the Corporate Network.

Product Review: Hyena - Hyena is a systems management tool that enables administrators to manage just about every aspect of multiple Windows NT/2000 domains, servers, workstations, groups and users from one convenient Explorer-like interface.

ScriptLogic Enterprise 4.0 Announced - ScriptLogic Corporation recently announced ScriptLogic 4.0 Enterprise Edition, the only graphical logon network administration tool available for Windows-based networks. ScriptLogic plans to ship the new version in early Q1, 2002.

Windows Recovery Console - Both Windows 2000 and Windows XP include a Recovery Console that gives you the capability to help you recover your system when your machine has problems booting up or doesn't boot at all.

UpdateEXPERT - A comprehensive summary and product review of St. Bernard Software's service pack and hotfix management application, UpdateEXPERT.

A NIMDA Experience - On Tuesday, September 18th 2001 a new worm was found that spread quickly over the entire world. Nimda is a complex virus with a mass mailing worm component which spreads itself very rapidly. In an effort to give insight into some of what a network administrator does, here is a recount of my experiences with the NIMDA virus.

Network Documentation - In todays IT environment, network documentation is an absolutely critical element of what an IT professional does. With the growing trend of IT professionals switching companies every two to three years on average its become increasing important to accurately and properly document your network environment.

The OSI Model, Part Two - A continuation of a previous article outlining an introduction to the OSI Model, focusing on each of the seven layers of the OSI model individually.

Windows 2000: Upgrade or Migration? - A successful Windows 2000 rollout involves a great deal of planning before the first CD is ever inserted. Performing a move from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 can actually take two different methods - upgrading and migrating.

The OSI Model, Part One - For many MCSE's out there, the OSI Model is something that consisted of a few questions on the retired Networking Essentials 70-058 Microsoft exam. Amazingly, with the new Windows 2000 track, MCSE's won't be required to have any knowledge of the OSI Model.

ScriptLogic In Production, Part Two - One of the many problems facing Network Administrators of a medium to large Windows NT 4.0 network is managing multiple and complex logon scripts. Fortunately, ScriptLogic makes this much easier.

ScriptLogic In Production, Part One - One of the many problems facing Network Administrators of a medium to large Windows NT 4.0 network is managing multiple and complex logon scripts. Fortunately, ScriptLogic makes this much easier.

This article was originally published on Feb 5, 2003
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