Windows 2000 Active Directory

by John Loomes

Windows 2000 Active Directory

Book Review for Windows 2000 Active Directory by Alistair G. Lowe Norris (O'Reilly)

Alistair G. Lowe Norris (O'Reilly)

The title of this book suggests that it is chiefly aimed at those who wish to learn more about the Active Directory Services within Windows 2000, which to be honest, is the main reason I got this book several weeks ago. However, between the covers I found much much more than I ever expected to: This book provides a complete overview of Windows 2000 from the point of view of Active Directory, but has comprehensive sections on such diverse topics as DNS, DHCP, Replication, Domain design and also good advice on meeting business requirements - a key topic left out of so many IT books.

The author clearly knows his stuff, and reassuringly, the subject matter is presented from the point of view of a real world Windows 2000 project (leicester University in the UK), as opposed to the usual abstract examples we're all used to. This gives the reader much more comfort factor in such that you know that these techniques have been used in the real world as opposed to merely in a test lab environment.

The book is very well structured, going into some detail on how Active Directory and indeed Windows 2000 operates before launching into sections covering AD Design. A whole section towards the back of the book covers ADSI (a subject close to my heart), with many examples of how to ease Active Directory Administration using scripting - something that is going to be essential for large Win2k sites.

If you are involved with either Windows 2000 as a whole or just Active Directory, then read this book first, you'll be glad you did!

This article was originally published on Jun 26, 2000
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