Did you know that you can now upgrade to Exchange 2000 Release version?

By Cherry A. Beado

Next DYK ..... "Did you know that you can now upgrade Exchange 2000 RC2 to Exchange Release version?  

Did you know that you can now upgrade Exchange 2000 RC2 to Exchange Release version?

You must have heard by now that the Exchange 2000 RTM (Release to manufacturer) version has been shipped out . 
That's good news especially for techies out there who can't wait to have a glimpse of what Microsoft has promised to be the 
"Most powerful messaging and collaboration to date " ... at least next to the real thing. But hey , what's even better news  is that  
the REAL thing is already out ! Yes, the Exchange 2000 release version is now available for download !  Let's thank
the Ex2K developers for making RC2 upgradeable to Ex2K release version or else organizations like MISNet , my current employer, who
has bravely put  Exchange 2000 RC2 in production, will definitely be in hot waters.

This article will demonstrate the step by step procedure of upgrading your current installations of Exchange 2000 server RC2 . We just
hope that this will help you guys do your upgrade painlessly .

Ok, let's do the upgrade then by drilling down the steps into several phases....

Phase 1 : Download Exchange 2000 Enterprise Server

Phase 2 : Upgrade the Active Directory Connector (ADC)

If you have a mixed Exchange server environment ( consisting of MS Exchange server 5.5 and Exchange 2000 RC2/RTM servers), 
chances are you , you have ADC running. The ADC facilitates the directory replication between the two versions of MS Exchange server.
To upgrade the ADC, do the following :

  • Close all management consoles and MMC Snap-ins.
  • Run the ADC Setup program, and click the Reinstall option .  Example: drive:\adc\i386\setup (where drive is the location of the 
    extracted downloaded Exchange 2000 files) 

Phase 3 : Prepare Active Directory  for Directory Schema upgrade

The next thing is to prepare our Active Directory. Exchange 2000 Enterprise server release version has modified the directory schema of 
its predecessor. It's very important that our Active Directory schema has to be upgraded as well to prepare for the Exchange 2000 Enterprise
server. To prepare for the Active Directory upgrade do these simple steps, don't worry guys , its wizard -based .... 

  • Log on as the administrator or any account that must be a member of the Administrators, 
    Schema admin and Enterprise Admin groups on the server on the server that has the schema 
    Flexible Single Master Operation (FSMO) role.
  • Run the Exchange 2000 Setup program with the /forestprep switch. 
    For example: drive:\setup\i386\setup /forestprep
  • Wait for some time until the new schema changes will be replicated throughout your forest. This may take time 
    depending on your  Active Directory deployment. Running the Forestprep will rebuild the Global Catalog Servers.
  • In each active directory domains, run the Exchange 2000 Setup program with the /domainprep switch. For example: 
    drive:\setup\i386\setup /domainprep. 
  • Wait for the changes to be replicated to your every domain controllers on your active directory domain.

Phase 4 : Upgrading the Exchange 2000 Enterprise Server

Surprisingly, the upgrade procedure did not take forever unlike the fresh installation of the Exchange 2000 server. In fact ,
it took us only about half an hour to finish the upgrade. During the upgrade, you will be prompted with the dialog boxes
about unauthorized certificates / securities and messages that inform about files that are currently being used , don't panic ,
just always choose  OK and Continue . Now how to upgrade ?

  • Log on as administrator , or any account that is a member of administrators, schema and enterprise admin.

  • Close all management consoles or MMC snap-ins.

  • Stop all Exchange related services to cut on upgrade time

  • Run the Exchange 2000 Setup program. Click the Reinstall option when you are presented with the component page,
    and allow the upgrade to finish.

  • After the first server has been upgraded to the released product, continue upgrading all other RC2 servers one at a time.

  • After all servers have been upgraded to the released product, on the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Exchange, and then click Exchange System Manager.

  • Double-click Recipients, and then click Recipient Update Services.
  • In the right pane is a listing of all Recipient Update Services. Right-click each one, and then click to select the Rebuild check box. Depending upon the number of objects in your Active Directory, this process may take an extended period of time to finish. Until the rebuild is finished, users cannot access their mailboxes, and they will receive an error message when they attempt to log on.

Well, easy as pie is it not ? ..... 

That wraps our DYK article for this issue .... just let us know if you have encountered anything during the upgrade ....

Good luck !!!!


This article was originally published on Sep 17, 2000
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