Win 9x Clients Hang When RC Agent is Installed Fix

by Dana Daugherty

This Problem was first reported prior to SP-2. It was listed on the list of bug fixes for SMS SP-2 and SP-3. Microsoft admits the issue still wasn't solved in SP-3. There is a hotfix provided by Microsoft that may help. I have had success with one particular registry edit that Microsoft isn't publishing.

In his latest article, Dana Daugherty discusses an issue with some Windows 9x-based clients where installing the Remote Control agent may cause the computer to stop responding. Since the issue persists even in SP-2 and SP-3 installations of SMS 2.0, Daugherty offers a workaround fix that will correct the issue.

This issue really didn't become a problem for me until I was preparing to upgrade an implementation from SP-2 to SP-3. One hardware platform, Dell GX110, constantly had "Out of memory" errors. It took as many as 3 reboots to clear the problem up.

There are several indications that this problem is occurring:

1.      Remctrl.log may contain the following text at the bottom of the log:

Performing a INSTALL type installation
Starting install.log
Successfully notified SMS that installation has not completed.
Remote Control Installation starting.
Looking for conflicting products on a Windows 9X system
Installing SMS Remote Control on Windows Windows 95.
Installing Windows 95 Remote Control Files.
Checking the client machine type.

2. Perform CTL - ALT - Del. A task named Winoldap will be running.

3. The machine will seem to lockup or\and display "Out of memory" or "Out of resources" errors.

What is happening?

The Remote Control Client Agent is looking for a registry entry to detirmine the machine type.

Solution for English machines

  1. Open Regedit
  1. Drill down to HKLM\Enum\Root\*PNP0C01\0000
  1. Add a new sting value named SetupMachineType 
  1. With a Value Data of Standard PC

View Microsoft Knowledgebase Article Q266232 for more information.

This article was originally published on Dec 17, 2001
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