Using CliVerify.exe to Configure the 30 Day Client Verify Cycle

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by Dana Daugherty

This article explains the 30 day Client Verification cycle as it applies to SP1 and SP2 sites. The article also includes a link for a utility to allow you adjust or turn off this cycle.  As far as your network and clients are concerned, if your site is at SP1 your clients are reinstalling themselves every 30 days. 

Dana Daugherty explains the 30 day Client Verification cycle as it applies to SP1 and SP2 sites. This article also includes a link for a utility to allow you adjust or turn off this cycle.

All clients verify their client installation files every 30 days based on a date in 1980. Our last verification cycle date to occurred on 9/18/00 next one will be 10/18 then 11/17 then 30 after that and so on. For SP1, during the verification process all client installation files (depends on the client agents your site has enabled at a site) are copied to each PC from it's local SMS server. Next, the client verifies that all it's client files are present and the correct version etc. Also during this process a complete software inventory (not a delta inventory) is sent to its local site server then forwarded to a primary server (regardless of the Software Inventory Schedule configuration on the site server). The load of the above problem could seriously degrade the performance of your network..

The architecture of the client verification has changed significantly in SP2. The client still checks to see if all components are working but only copies files that are need for repair.

The Q articles associated they are as follows: Q239564 and Q246040. I was aware of Q239564 and this possible limitation because it is on the SP2 fix list. In this article Ms states this may be an issue. There is no indication in either article that all clients will reinstall themselves at the same time based on a single date in 1980 or that they would keep the same GUID or that software inventory resync requests are common occur during this cycle. Also, I expected the 30 day period to start on the clients' installation date and for it to actually get a new unique ID. 


Cliverify Overview:

This utility will not work for SP2 sites.

You can use Cliverify.exe to change the interval of the client verify cycle. To
modify the client verify cycle:

1. Start Cliverify.exe, type the name of a Systems Management Server primary site
server, and then click OK.

2. Select the site you want to configure

3. Click to clear the Periodically Verify Client Installation check box to
disable this feature, or set the Verify Interval value to an appropriate

4. Click OK.

NOTE: You must perform these steps for each Systems Management Server site server
on which you want the client verify cycle adjusted.

Clients will pick up this configuration change the next time CCIM runs (on reboot or 23 hour maintenance cycle).

Download CliVerify.exe

This article was originally published on Oct 2, 2000
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