Using CliCln2.exe

by Dana Daugherty

I wrote this SMS Installer Script to delete the "remnants" of the SMS client after 20clicln.bat completed. This will wipe out the remaining registry and file structure components, including C:\windows\smscfg.ini. Running this .ini makes for a cleaner reinstall of the SMS client software.

Dana Daugherty has created the CliCln2 utility which finishes cleaning up the SMS client after 20CliCln.bat is run. Use Dana's 'best practices' information so future SMS client installations are much cleaner.

The "best practice" for removing an SMS client is as follows:

1 Run 20clicln.bat, 

2 Reboot

3 Run CliCln2.exe

4 Remove client from the database


Download SMS Installer Script

Download Executable

This article was originally published on Oct 30, 2000
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