Hacking for Everyone

by Marcin Policht Book Review - "Hack Proofing Your Network" from Syngress Publishing

"Hack Proofing Your Network"
from Syngress Publishing

As the book proclaims, "the only way to stop a hacker is to think like one". This seems to be a consistent approach across all the chapters, written by a collection of authors, known for their "hacking" accomplishments. Most notably, the contributors include Georgi Guninski (famous in the world of security professionals for discovering numerous security holes in Microsoft products - most recently Internet Explorer), Mudge (originator of legendary L0phtCrack and security advisor to the White House and Congress), Rain Forest Puppy (whose frequent posting to the NTBugtraq list expose bugs and flaws in Windows NT and 2000), and Jeromy Rauch (co-designer of Internet Security Scanner and CA CyberCop Scanner and Monitor).

If you are looking for a specific examples of most common security attacks (and the way of detecting and protecting from them), you won't be disappointed. SYN flood description contains its source code and detailed description. Similarly, diffing, cryptography and unexpected input attacks (via buffer overflow - with clever C++ code, logic alteration, use of http/html and SQL queries) are covered in lots of details.

The book also contains the in-depth analysis of Melissa source code, giving you insight on system vulnerabilities used by hackers. Definitely the recommended reading for security professionals and hackers alike...

This article was originally published on Mar 24, 2003
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