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by Andy Goodman

I just received this announcement from Adaptec and thought it was important enough to share with you all immediately!
Here it is in it's entirety.

I just received this announcement from Adaptec and thought it was important enough to share with you all immediately!


Dear valued customer,

Adaptec is voluntarily recalling approximately 2,500 DPT SmartRAID Decade VI Ultra160 SCSI RAID controllers produced prior to May 2000, due to defects in the QLogic Ultra160 SCSI chips used on these cards. 

The flawed QLogic chips could send incorrect information to the RAID controller, which can, in some cases, lead to SCSI bus hangs and parity errors.  These problems were recently identified during advanced compatibility testing conducted by Adaptec.

As you know, Adaptec has a zero tolerance policy for components that compromise data protection. Because these defects are difficult to detect in the QLogic chips we we have decided to recall all of the potentially affected components as a precaution.

This recall affects all DPT SmartRAID Decade VI Ultra160 SCSI RAID controllers featuring:

7         a model number of PM-1564U3 or PM-1564U3-2U3;

7         AND a product serial number between 03-000001 and 03-005599. 

(Note: the serial number is located on the lower right face of the RAID controller)

Most of these products were distributed through value-added resellers and systems integrators.

Adaptec will begin replacing all recalled controllers, immediately, with screened product from inventory while supplies last, and comparable alternative Ultra160 SCSI RAID products thereafter. If you have purchased a recalled product or have any further questions, please call Adaptec at one of the following telephone numbers:

North America --                        +1-321-207-2000

Europe and Middle East--            +49-89-456-406-60

Japan --                         +81-3-5365-6744

South Asia --                             +1+61-2-9416-0698

or visit http://www.dpt.com/pm1564u3/ on the World Wide Web for more details.

We apologize for any inconvenience this recall may cause you, but feel it is necessary in order to continue providing you with the highest levels of quality that you have come to expect from Adaptec.   We thank you for your understanding, and hope that you will continue to choose Adaptec for your data storage needs.


Bob Schultz

Chief Operating Officer

Adaptec, Inc. 


How to contact Adaptec:

Inside Sales Hotline:                (800) 442-7274

Technical Support (hardware):        (408) 934-7274

Technical Support (software):        (408) 934-7283

After Hours Technical Support:       (800) 416-8066**

** Fee for After Hours Support, payable with Visa or Mastercard.

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This article was originally published on Aug 2, 2001
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