Microsoft Windows NT Secrets Option Pack Edition

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by Harry M. Brelsford Paperback - 1116 pages ISBN: 0764531301

Microsoft Windows NT Secrets Option Pack Edition
by Harry M. Brelsford
Paperback - 1116 pages
ISBN: 0764531301

From the Back Cover:

The Ultimate Guide to Windows NT Server 4.0.

With the hot fixes and functional enhancements in the Option Pack and Service Pack 4, Windows NT Server is now fully ready for deployment in mission-critical enterprise environments. Don't wait for Windows 2000 Server! Packed with the kind of notes, tips, and workarounds that only come with years of working day in and day out with a product, this Option Pack edition of the bestselling NT Secrets. will help you optimize the performance, reliability, and security of your network -- and successfully pave the way for Windows 2000 Server.

Unleash the Full Functionality of Windows NT Server 4.0!

  • Learn expert techniques for installing and implementing Windows NT 4.0
  • Master TCP/IP setup, configuration, and troubleshooting-including DNS
  • Explore little-known Internet secrets
  • Find out how and when to perform regular maintenance procedures for peak performance
  • Get goof-proof, step-by-step guidance on installing and implementing the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack and Windows NT Service Pack 4
  • Get full coverage of Terminal Server (WTS), Small Business Server (SBS), and third-party solutions
  • Discover time-saving methodologies and resources for troubleshooting Windows NT 4
  • Prepare for a successful implementation of Windows 2000 Server


This is one big book. At about 1100 pages, it tackles one thing and one thing only. Windows NT Server. Nothing more, nothing less. The book itself is divided into seven different parts. The breakdown is like this:

  • Part I - Introduction, Planning, Setup and Implementation
  • Part II - TCP/IP
  • Part III - Windows NT Server Administration
  • Part IV - Service Pack 4.0 and the Windows NT Server Option Pack
  • Part V - The Four Flavors of Windows NT Server 4.0
  • Part VI - Optimizing and Troubleshooting Windows NT Server 4.0
  • Part VII - Preparing for Windows 2000

Obviously, you can tell by Part IV, that this book is a little bit dated. However, the information that the six other parts contain will definitely make up for the outdated information on Service Pack 4 this book contains.

Two key topics that this book covers are Daily, Monthly and Annual Windows NT Server Administration and Optimizing and Troubleshooting Windows NT Server.

The author provides us with his own "Daily Dozen" list that is essentially a twelve step plan to making sure that your Windows NT Servers are running without any problems. While most of the information is not ground breaking, it does provide a good overview of topics that most NT Administrators should at least be aware of. In addition, he provides some good information on more long term issues such as disaster recovery, backup archives, and <gasp> budgeting for your network!

For optimizing and troubleshooting your Windows NT Server, this book may be one of the best books that I have seen. He's got about 200 pages dedicated to nothing but optimizing your server. So about 20% of the book is optimization. Not bad. He covers some interesting areas such as (obviously) Performance Monitor, but he also covers topics such as Why Performance Declines, Performance Benchmarks and my personal favorite, Lying with Performance Analysis.

Overall, this is a good reference book for any NT Administrators out there who have any Windows NT 4.0 Servers in house. With the move to Windows 2000 not exactly occuring overnight for most companies, it's going to be a few years before you'll be hard pressed to run across an NT 4.0 Server somewhere. Even still, the sections on troubleshooting and optimizing would easily apply to Windows 2000.

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This article was originally published on Nov 17, 2001
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