ScriptLogic Enterprise 4.0 Announced

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by Ryan Smith

ScriptLogic Corporation (www.scriptlogic.com) recently announced ScriptLogic 4.0 Enterprise Edition, the only graphical logon network administration tool available for Windows-based networks. ScriptLogic plans to ship the new version in early Q1, 2002.

ScriptLogic Corporation recently announced the release of ScriptLogic 4.0 Enterprise Edition, the only graphical logon network administration tool available for Windows-based networks. Ryan Smith covers the new version's significant additions and enhancements in his latest article.

Significant new features and improvements include:

  • Enhanced 4-part Validation Logic (Class: Desktop, Portable, Terminal Server Client, Server or Domain Controller) (OS: 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000 and XP) (Type: added Primary Group and five new Terminal Server specific options to list of choices).
  • New RunAdmin service (acquired from the Quimeras Company) will allow you to execute any application as a local administrator.
  • New multi-threaded Service Manager applet.
  • New multiple profile support (Enterprise Edition only).
  • New Alert Management System.
  • New INI File manipulation tab.
  • Enhanced cycle logic for Application Launcher and Message Boxes. You now have the option of launching applications only once per computer and/or user.
  • New Logoff Scripting (via the Application Launcher).
  • Ability to define different mail profiles (list-based) using Validation Logic.
  • Added support for Active Directory Universal and Nested groups.
  • Full support for Microsoft Windows XP and Office XP.
  • New ScriptLogic API to streamline custom scripting and software deployments.
  • 200-300% faster client logon speed due to improvements with engine.

Multiple Profile support offers the ability to split a single configuration into separate custom configuration profiles. This feature allows administrators with larger networks to apply settings on a more granular level and delegate control to the administrators of different physical locations or logical organizational units.

The new Logoff/Shut down scripting feature allows program executables to be run when a user logs off and/or shuts down their computer. Rather than deploying the latest Windows Service Pack or software application update when a user logs on in the morning, which can reduce productivity, ScriptLogic can now be instructed to install the update when the user logs off and goes home for the evening.

The new Run As Administrator feature allows ScriptLogic to deliver administrative-level changes across the network during the logon or logoff process. With the addition of the RunAdmin technology, there are no longer any limits to what you can do with ScriptLogic. Roll out the latest service packs, apply hotfixes, and deploy new or updated software to each network client, without relaxing workstation level security.

The core engine in version 4.0 has been completely rewritten to harness the latest features of the language on which it is built. The result of these changes is a significant increase in performance; ScriptLogic executes more than twice as fast as it did in previous versions.

Enhancements to ScriptLogic's unique Validation Logic now allow you to apply settings based on Active Directory Organizational units, and to be even more specific about which user/computer gets each setting (for example: Desktop vs. Portable clients).

This exciting new version of ScriptLogic has just entered the Release Candidate stage and will hopefully be released within the next few months. I'm going to have a full review of ScriptLogic 4.0 posted a few weeks after the final release, so stay tuned.

Ryan Smith

This article was originally published on Jan 29, 2002
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