Welcome to the World of PHP

By Aaron Weiss

PHP has made server-side scripting into a whole new world. In this tutorial we explore the basic fundamentals of this tremendously popular open-source, server-parsed embedded scripting language.

In this overview we willl take a look at programming with PHP 3, the most popular version of PHP. Keep in mind, however, that PHP 4 was released in late-May of this year (PHP 4 Released, New "Zend" Engine).

Also key to keep in mind is that the art and science of computer programming is a much larger topic than any one language, and thus it cannot be the focus of this introduction. While PHP is accessible to programming newcomers, it will be easiest for those with even a small background in programming other languages such as BASIC, Pascal, C, JavaScript, and Perl.


This article was originally published on Jul 7, 2000

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