IIS 6.0 on Windows Server 2003: The NTFS File System Page 2

By Jason Zandri (Send Email)
Posted Nov 25, 2003

Below are two tables. This first one lists ACLs that can be set for folders; the second details Special Permissions that correspond to the settings.

NTFS Folder Permissions
Read User can read files and subfolders in the folder and view folder ownership, permissions, and attributes.
Write User can create new files and subfolders within the folder, change folder attributes, and view folder ownership and permissions.
List Folder Contents User can list the names of files and subfolders in the folder.
Read & Execute User can negotiate files and folders, even if they don't have permission to read the contents within those specific folders. He or she can also perform actions permitted by the Read permission and the List Folder Contents permission.
Modify User can delete the folder as well as perform actions permitted by the Write permission and the Read & Execute permission.
Full Control User can change permissions, take ownership, and delete subfolders and files, as well as perform actions permitted by all other NTFS folder permissions.

NTFS Permissions Required for Specific Actions
Full Control
Read & Execute
List Folder Contents
Traverse Folder/Execute File
List Folder/Read Data
Read Attributes
Read Extended Attributes
Create Files/Write Data
Create Folders/Append Data
Write Attributes
Write Extended Attributes
Delete Subfolders and Files
Read Permissions
Change Permissions
Take Ownership

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