How to install the Active Directory Connector and Establish a Primary Connection Agreement Page 2

Jim Skintauy

You can also synchronize public folders using the same AD Connector tool.

Moving Mailboxes

After the bi-directional connection is built and the two directories have synchronized, you can move mailboxes.

Where do you install ADC's?

In a large environment you will need more than one ADC connector. Because the ADC relies on RPC to communicate with Ex 5.5, ADC's should be on the same network segment as the Ex 5.5 server that hosts the ADC.

Installing the ADC

Installing the ADC involves making sure you have the right software versions on both the existing Ex 5.5 environment and the new W2K environment. Following is a small list.

For the E5.5 environment:

The Ex 5.5 server that hosts the ADC will need Exchange Service Pack (SP) 3. Testing indicates it will also work with SP4. Don't confuse this with NT service packs. Note that only one server in each site needs to have SP 3 or higher installed. The rest can have a lower service pack version.

For the W2K environment:

All W2K servers in the organization should be running SP1. Microsoft also recommends installing the hot fixes described in Q272691. You can download the fixes from Microsoft.

This article was originally published on Mar 5, 2001

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