Road To MCSE: The NT-CIP Certification or 'One's Born Every Minute' Page 5

Thomas Shinder

Microsoft Doesn't Care About Lanop

There was some discussion regarding whether Microsoft would sue Lanop. Why would they? Because Lanop would take some money away from the testing program for Windows 2000? I doubt it. The testing and certification program is not considered a profit center for Microsoft. Of course, Microsoft might be concerned if they felt that keeping interest in the Windows NT 4.0 certification alive would drain the pool of strong Windows 2000 candidates. But I doubt that is the case.

Why? Because Microsoft is concerned that candidates who receive the Windows 2000 certification are indeed expert at LAN and WAN systems, and in the design and implementation of Windows 2000 networks. The pool of highly skilled engineers isn't going to come from people who worry excessively about getting their Windows NT 4.0 MCSE. This pool is filled with people excited about the new technology, and who jump headfirst into the expansive realm that is Windows 2000.

Microsoft was Never the "God" of the IT Industry

Finally, the writer of the article states that Microsoft was once the "God" of the IT industry, but that they have been kicked off of their pedestal by Lanop the savior. First, Microsoft was never the "God" of the IT industry. They are a major and powerful player, but they are just one of a large number of powerful forces in the industry. And if Microsoft was ever on a pedestal, it'll take someone that has provided more to the industry than Lanop to remove them from it.

This article was originally published on Nov 7, 2000

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