Road To MCSE: Is Online Training For You? Page 2

Thomas Shinder

How Does It Work?

Again, different companies have difference ways of doing things, and you should be able to sample a course in order to assess if it has what you need.

The better online training centers will have a complete syllabus for you to peruse. You will be assigned an online tutor. The job of the tutor is to provide guidance and support during your studies. The tutor is also able to help clarify issues that might be confusing. The tutor will also grade any interactive exercises.

The online training provider should also provide some type of hands-on simulation. These simulations should provide a "virtual hands-on" experience so that the student becomes acquainted with the interface and the procedures involved with doing common and uncommon tasks with the operating system.

Skills assessment is important. You want to be sure that there are regular learning checks throughout the online training experience. The better online training centers have developed a curriculum that contains frequent testing of how much you remember in each section that you go through. This is vitally important in an online environment, where there is no instructor grilling you in real-time to test your understanding.

This article was originally published on Nov 12, 2000
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