Backing Up Data -- Permissions Intact Page 5

After selecting Advanced and choosing the best practice of verifying your backup set, you can accept all of the defaults and kick off the backup, which will run and display the following screen at completion.

The backup file will be written to the location specified and can be copied and pasted, if need be, to the new location where it is to be expanded with its security settings intact.

The next procedure is to run the NTBACKUP wizard again and to select the Restore Wizard, which will ask you What to Restore. Here, you can select the entire backup set or just parts of it, as shown below.

Once you select Next, the Completing the Restore wizard screen appears, and you will need to select the Advanced button to continue rather than simply choosing Finish to verify some settings to properly preserve the original security settings.

The first screen that appears is the Where to Restore window, where you can choose to restore to the original backup directory by choosing Original Location, a different location by choosing Alternate Location, or you can choose to dump numerous files from different locations within the backup set to one place by choosing Single Folder.

This article was originally published on Nov 21, 2002

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