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by Dana Daugherty

A combination of utilities from the BORK can help you to get around some of the problems you may be experiencing while trying to build collections based on queries.

To understand where I'm going with this you must be able to build SMS 2.0 collections based on queries. If you need help with this please look at my article Creating Collections.

Some queries are too complex to base collections on them. An example of this is one from the SMS Admin Guide that allows you to find duplicate GUIDs. You can paste query language directly into a query. This query works fine but if you try to build a collection with it, no go.  That's where Makecoll.exe comes in. 

Use the Make Collection tool to create a new collection from a text-file list of computer names or IP addresses that you provide. Before using this tool, you must create a text file with a list of NetBIOS computer names or IP addresses - one name or address per line. 

Run the following syntax from a directory containing makecoll.exe on an NT 4.0 machine. It is helpful to have your text file in the same directory as well. 

makecoll filename collection server [/s:sitecode] [/i] [/u:user [password | *]]

The text-file list of computer names or IP addresses.
The name of the collection being created.
The name of the site server where the SMS Provider resides.

Use /i for text files with IP addresses.

For the best results use the following procedure:

Use the Smsext~1.xlt from the BORK (if you need more info look at this article Quick SMS Reporting) to connect to the SMS Provider and select a query that you want to get a NetBios name or IP address from. Copy the name or IP column and paste it into a Text file. Run the syntax outlined above and voila, a collection with the resources you need. 

This article was originally published on Apr 30, 2000
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