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The next step required in order to install Exchange 2000 is a process called DomainPrep. This utility must be run in every domain that we are going to have an Exchange server or Exchange recipients in. Keep in mind that if you have a large enterprise environment, you will need to wait for ForestPrep replication to complete before running DomainPrep. We start out by finding the Exchange 2000 setup file, and this time will add the DomainPrep switch, like so:

Next up we will see the Welcome Screen (omitted by choice) and then the license agreement screen much like we saw with ForestPrep:

Now comes our Product Identification Screen where we will enter the appropriate information (once again, no freebies here):

And now we are up to the component selection screen. You will notice here that the component listed is DomainPrep. If you had misspelled DomainPrep, then it would have attempted to run the Exchange installation and install the first Exchange 2000 server into your organization.

The file copy runs (this should finish much faster than ForestPrep), and now we have completed DomainPrep.

This article was originally published on Apr 1, 2002
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