Authoritative Name Servers Page 3

The second type of DNS server is the authoritative name server. Authoritative name servers are basically mini root domain servers that control only a single domain name, such as webservercompare.com, serverwatch.com, internet.com, or pcmech.com. These servers control the separate names on these domains, such as the commonly used www, mail, and ftp. When these names are paired with the domain names, we get actual mappings to computers. www.pcmech.com, mail.pcmech.com, and ftp.pcmech.com are all the same computer, but can be accessed differently via the different domain names for it. It's as if a single person is being called John Doe, Jim Doe, and Bob Doe; different names for the same person. If you haven't noticed already, there are different names for the server you are reading this from, webservercompare.internet.com is the preferred one, but webcompare.internet.com also works. Same computer, different name.

This article was originally published on Jan 18, 2001

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