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Don't get me wrong, just because BIND is the most frequently used DNS server does not mean it's perfect and everyone should run it. The older BIND 4 and the more recent BIND 8 have been found to have major security flaws. Although it would take a few hardcore hackers several months to find this hack, it has the potential to bring down most of the ISPs' DNS servers, and therefore most users' Internet connections. Versions 4.9.8, 8.2.3, and 9.1 of BIND do not have this flaw, and it is recommended that users upgrade to this version of the software.

By reading this tutorial, you now know a majority of the information out there on BIND without actually installing the product and playing with it. It is now up to you to install it or get the book and learn more.

This article was originally published on Mar 8, 2001

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