Apache SOAP 2.2 Overview Page 17


Apache SOAP is a comprehensive implementation of SOAP. Nonetheless it moves away from the rules for referencing services by using its own description language (deployment descriptor). As regards interoperability, problems are recurrent, regardless of the implementation. This is caused by the lack of compliance with standards, both in terms of transport protocols and XML parsing. Another important issue is the status of the SOAP standard itself. It is in note status, therefore will move up to a recommendation. Evidently, as long as a standard is not definitive, some small interoperability problems will persist.


XMLSchema Types Supported by Apache Soap 2.2
  XMLSchema 1999 XMLSchema 2000 XMLSchema 2001
string Yes Yes Yes
int Yes Yes Yes
decimal Yes Yes Yes
float Yes Yes Yes
double Yes Yes Yes
date Yes Yes Yes
boolean Yes Yes Yes
long Yes Yes Yes
short Yes Yes Yes
QName Yes Yes Yes
timeInstant Yes Yes Yes
any Type No Yes Yes
ur-type Yes No No

This article was originally published on Mar 8, 2002

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