Apache SOAP 2.2 Overview Page 14

GUI Interface To debug SOAP applications, Apache provides an interface that displays SOAP message sends. In the case of our directory, this tool is very useful for finding out the structure of the response message. This interface, called the GUI Interface, is a TCP tunnel that redirects the HTTP data flow from a listening port, by way of tunneling, to the port of the machine being queried. The interface is launched with this command:
java org.apache.soap.util.net.TcpTunnelGui port_ecoute nom_serveur port 

For our calculator service, deployed on a local server (localhost:8080), the definition of the URL in the SOAP program will link to the listening port of the GUI interface.

URL url = new URL("http://localhost:8000/soap/servlet/rpcrouter"); 

The launch command for the GUI tunnel will lead to the service address:

java org.apache.soap.util.net.TcpTunnelGui 8000 localhost 8080 

The only limitation of the GUI is that it does not function with addresses containing sub-domains.

This article was originally published on Mar 8, 2002

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