The Web Services Value Chain Page 4

By Jean-Christophe Cimetiere of TechMetrix Research

Several solutions already dedicated to Web services development include CapeClear's CapeConnect Web Services Platform, Lucin's SAL Server, SQLData System's SOAP Server, The Mind Electric's Glue Platform, and Bowstreet's Business Web Factory.

As we have noted previously, application server vendors are doing their homework, but at this time most of them are "patching" their products with SOAP libraries and basic listeners. This leaves some room for new players with cutting-edge solutions.

Tbere are, however, benefits of going with either option.

Advantages of "Classical" App Servers Advantages of "New" Web Services Servers
Use/re-use of existing components and business objects Productivity of the tools for Web services enablement
Performance and reliability (e.g., load balancing and failover) Compliance with standards

This article was originally published on Aug 30, 2001

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