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By Karl Magsig

This is a very rudimentary view of the encrypted mapping proxy method. For more information on how this is used and implemented, check out the Help file included with WinGate, or consult the WinGate help desk at: http://wingate.deerfield.com/helpdesk

This tutorial barely scratches the surface of network security, both from the hardware and the data sides. There is much more information available on the Internet about network and data security. Anyone connected to the Internet is strongly encouraged to research this topic further, especially if the connection is used for business or financial purposes. As the world moves further and further into the electronic information age, security is becoming a bigger priority for everyone. From limiting access to physical servers, to keeping unwanted, prying eyes, out of your data, network security is becoming something with which even the average home user must be familiar.

This article was originally published on Apr 25, 2001

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