Server Security: Keeping Your Data Safe Page 7

By Karl Magsig

Another good e-mail virus scanner is Norton Anti-Virus 2001 from Symantec. Norton AV 2001 pulls down incoming e-mail and scans it before sending the message on to the client that made the request. In this way, it acts as a sort of mini-mail server. Norton AV will also automatically update its virus database to provide protection for the latest viruses. These updates do, however, come at a price. There is a subscription fee, normally on a monthly or yearly basis, to allow an enterprise to download the latest antivirus data. If a subscription is stopped, in most cases, the antivirus software will continue to scan. However, it will not update itself to include the latest viruses, so some newer viruses may get past the scanner.

In addition to e-mail scanning, Norton Anti-Virus also provides protection for files downloaded, copied to, or stored on the hard drive. It can be configured to run whenever the computer is booted, scanning the hard drive during boot up, then running in the system tray, monitoring the system for any signs of infection. It will then alert the system user to the problem and give them the option of quarantining it or deleting it. When a virus is deleted or quarantined, the entire file is effected, not just the virus. Therefore, if any important data files get infected, they will most likely end up lost or restored to an earlier backup once the virus has been wiped out.

This article was originally published on Apr 25, 2001

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