Server Security: Keeping Your Data Safe Page 4

By Karl Magsig

Another good software firewall is Privacy Ware's Privatefirewall. Both of these products offer complete firewall security for the computer actually connected to the Internet. However, they may be better suited for a stand-alone installation, as they don't actually provide Internet connectivity; they simply secure an existing connection.

For a complete software solution, enterprises should look at a software router/gateway with a built-in firewall. Of these solutions, WinGate Pro, from Deerfield.com (http://www.deerfield.com), offers a well-designed, easy-to-use, feature-rich user interface. When coupled with its ENS plug-in (which includes a NAT engine), it can provide not only a gateway to connect an entire network to the Internet through one Internet connection, but also complete, configurable firewall protection for an entire LAN, including the WinGate server itself. WinGate Pro offers the flexibility to open ports so Internet servers can run on the WinGate server machine, allowing connection to it from the Internet. You can also redirect specific ports, or ranges of ports, to internal computers running servers and run a Web server on a computer behind the firewall.

Another good example of a software firewall and gateway is SyGate from Sybergen (http://www.sybergen.com). This software solution provides a feature set comparable to WinGate Pro with ENS, although it offers fewer options in user configurability. Either product can be quickly and easily employed to provide Internet connectivity and firewall security to the network.

This article was originally published on Apr 25, 2001

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