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Why PHP?

PHP's primary strength is in rapid development of dynamic Web pages. Developers without heavy programming experience can leverage PHP to complete tasks otherwise cryptic or obtuse in alternative languages, such as pulling records from a database and inserting them into an HTML table. The architecture of the PHP language is simple but powerful, and includes an extremely wide variety of functions suited for many tasks, both traditional data processing tasks and more Web-oriented functions.

On the other hand, some would argue that PHP remains an immature language, without the architectural elegance or extensibility of a language like Perl. Some developers find embedded scripting empowering, and program code is often mixed together with HTML structure; other developers find this approach disorganized and bug-prone, preferring separate development environments for each Web component. Developers with experience in Perl and especially mod_perl environments may find little reason to spend time with PHP, and this may be entirely justifiable.

That said, this tutorial is an introduction to PHP, and we assume you are at least a bit curious and anxious to get started!


This article was originally published on Jul 7, 2000

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