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The server-info page might be a good page to load, print, and keep on file. (In fact, having written that, I think I'll do that when I get back to the office on Monday!) What you get with this handler is a listing of all the things that you have built into your server, how you have things configured, and various other specifics about your server.

At the top of the page, when you access http://your.server/server-info/ you'll see a list of each of the modules that is built into your server, or is loaded as a DSO. Each of these is linked to a section lower down in the document where you will have listed all of the active configuration directives that are defined by that module, wherever in the configuration file they might be placed.

This is great for figuring out quickly how a particular server is set up, and for trouble-shooting any problems that you might be having which are caused by misconfiguration.


There's no very effective way for me to show you a running example of these modules running on my servers, as I have them configured to only show these pages to certain addresses. But the change can be made very quickly on your server (unless you don't have the modules installed!) and you can try it for yourself.

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This article was originally published on Dec 21, 2000
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