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Which Linux Distribution Powers HP Helion Cloud? [VIDEO]

By Sean Michael Kerner (Send Email)
Posted June 17, 2014

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HP is now rolling out its new Helion Cloud effort based on the open-source OpenStack cloud platform as part of a $1 billion effort announced at the beginning of May.

Prior to Helion, HP had another OpenStack cloud effort that is now being rebased with a different Linux distribution at its core. In a video interview, HP Helion Cloud PlatformBill Hilf, VP Product Management for HP Cloud, explains what role Linux plays within a cloud platform like HP Helion.

HP Helion uses its own version of Linux based on the the open-source Debian Linux operating system at its core, which is a shift away from Ubuntu Linux, the Linux distribution previous iterations of HP's cloud efforts had been using.

"The reason why we went with our own host Linux is specifically for testing and support," Hilf said. "We couldn't have that layer of the architecture not be something that we control."

Watch the full video interview with Bill Hilf below:

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