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Data Center Boot Camp Revolution: Creating Leaner, Meaner Data Centers

The continually evolving IT landscape may be reaching a point of greater disruption than ever before when it comes to the data center, as emerging trends like cloud computing, big data, software-defined networking and storage, Data Centeropen source and BYOD all continue to play key roles in helping reshape the traditionally stodgy, static data center.

Collectively, these trends are spurring a mass migration by enterprises toward software-defined infrastructures in which data center resources like compute, storage and networking are pooled together to be dynamically and efficiently allocated to users and applications on an automated, as-needed basis.

In turn, the demand for denser, highly efficient servers is putting pressure on chip makers such as AMD and Intel and server vendors like HP and Dell to evolve as well.

"This new environment is going to have new needs," says Andrew Feldman, corporate vice president and general manager of Advanced Micro Devices' Server Business Unit, "and the same-old, same-old will not work anymore."

From ARM processors and Intel's low-power Atom processors to HP's Project Moonshot and Dell's Copper servers, manufacturers are stepping up with new technologies that deliver intriguing solutions for the new world of IT.

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This article was originally published on August 14, 2013
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Read more on "Data Center Management Spotlight" »
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