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Pano Logic Touts Turnkey Desktop Virtualization

On the surface, the benefits of desktop virtualization, where all data is centrally housed in the data center rather than on the end user's PC, are alluring. Tighter security, centralized management, and lower power consumption and total cost of ownership are high among them.

But adoption of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has lagged, particularly among smaller enterprises, in large part because the systems can be forbiddingly complex to configure and deploy.

"Zero-client" computing vendor Pano Logic is looking to address that pain point with its portfolio of bundled hardware and software packages that promise one-step configuration and eliminate the need for ongoing firmware and security updates.

"Pano Logic has virtualized the system bus, essentially moving desktop computing from the user's desktop into a centralized server, leaving nothing but I/O at the user's desk," said Dana Loof, executive vice president of worldwide marketing at Pano Logic.

Most recently, Pano Logic debuted two turnkey virtualization bundles geared for small and midsize businesses: the Pano Express SMB and Pano Express HA. Both come with a software package and preconfigured servers. The Express SMB version provides a zero-client deployment for up to 60 seats, and the HA serves up to 30 seats.

The HA version also comes with a security software package from DataCore that provides redundant failover and replication technology.

The flagship offering, the Pano System, now in version 4.5, consists of the endpoint device--the zero client--which serves to connect the peripherals to the virtualized desktop running on a server in the data center, the Web-based Pano Manager and Pano Direct, which extends the system bus across the network.

Pano Logic claims that its zero client is built with drum-tight security in mind. The absence of a CPU, software or operating system is designed to eliminate the threat of endpoint security breaches.

"This immediately ensures compliance for enterprises that are heavily regulated by data privacy regulations such as SOX, HIPAA and GLB," Loof said.

In addition to security, the Redwood City, Calif.-based firm's pitch includes a dramatic reduction in operating costs thanks to the extreme centralization of computing power in the data center. Pano Logic claims that its VDI deployments can lower overall total cost of ownership by as much as 80 percent, along with an even higher reduction in energy consumption. Pano Logic also touts a threefold extension in desktop lifespan.

Founded in 2006, Pano Logic claims compatibility with 99 percent of hypervisors on the market, offering "plug and play" configuration with VMware, Microsoft HyperV and Citrix's XenDesktop. The firm boasts that a wizard-based configuration process can get the virtualization system up and running in an hour.

Looking ahead, Pano Logic aims to extend its integration with both the VMware, Citrix and Microsoft hypervisor platforms and their attendant management software.

Kenneth Corbin is a freelance writer based in Washington, D.C. He has written on politics, technology and other subjects for more than four years, most recently as the Washington correspondent for InternetNews.com, covering Congress, the White House, the FCC and other regulatory affairs. He can be found on LinkedIn here

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This article was originally published on October 5, 2011
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