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Mark Shuttleworth Details Ubuntu 15.10 Highlights [VIDEO]
Shuttleworth explains how the .deb packaging format remains in place, even in a world where Ubuntu is embracing Snappy.

Docker's DCT Delivers Digital Signing for Security
Docker 1.8 arrives with key new features that show Docker in particular and the container landscape in general are getting more and more mature every month.

OpenStack Magnum Brings Containers to the Cloud [VIDEO]
Adrian Otto, Project Technical Leader for Magnum, discusses the challenges and opportunities of containers in the cloud.

Securing Containers without the Need for Virtualization Technology
Triton's cloud platforms offer intriguing tech that can run containers on bare metal servers with a high degree of application isolation -- and without using virtualization technology.

VMware Hints at Potential Evolution for Container Strategy
Could VMware abandon its stance that containers are better when used together with virtual machines, and instead develop its own standalone container management system?

OpenPower Foundation Powers Forward [VIDEO]
Doug Balog, General Manager of Power Systems within IBM, discusses the progress made so far in the OpenPower Foundation.

Twistlock Emerges to Strengthen the Security of Containers
While security remains a potential cause for concern to container users, companies like Twistlock have started stepping in to address the containerization security conundrum.

How Dell Puts Cloud Servers Together [VIDEO]
Jim Ganthier, VP and GM for engineered solutions and cloud at Dell, discusses how his company approaches engineering server systems.

Google's Preemptible Offers Virtual Machine-for-Hire Service on the Cheap
Willing to sacrifice reliability to save some cash when it comes to server virtualization? Google's Compute Engine Preemptible service may -- or may not -- be your best bet.

CoreOS Catching Up to Docker in Containerization Race?
While Docker's lead in the container space has looked unstoppable up to now, CoreOS has been taking key steps to narrow the gap, including its new commercial Tectonic offering.

OpenStack vs. Linux: How Do the Communities Differ? [VIDEO]
Intel is a leading contributor to both OpenStack and Linux, and it has a particular viewpoint on the two prominent open-source projects.

VMware Looking to Capitalize on the Containerization Opportunity
The server virtualization company has been taking the initial key steps in ensuring its customers can use containers safely within the embrace of the VMware ecosystem.

Balancing Out the Hype and Harm for VMware
VMware is entering a crucial point in its relatively short history, and how it responds will likely shape the company's ability to survive in the future as an independent operation.

Top 10 Linux Server Distributions of 2015
The Top 10 Linux server operating system distros ranked by ease of use, cost, available support and data center reliability.

QuinStreet Enterprise Research: Security Breaches Lead to Server Corruption
New exclusive research from QuinStreet Enterprise details the risks of security breaches for server administrators.

Top 10 Enterprise Database Systems to Consider in 2015
Got data, big or small? Need a database server, on-premises or in the cloud? Chances are you'll be considering at least one of these leading enterprise database systems to meet your needs.

What's Behind VMware's Better Together Support for Containerization?
While VMware's endorsement of containerization could be a case of keeping its friends close but its enemies closer, there's also potential for real symbiosis behind the surprising strategy.

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