Linux 4.11 Improves Security and Performance

The second major Linux kernel release of 2017 is now out.

5 Free RADIUS Server Testing Tools

When troubleshooting a RADIUS server, it's good to have a client simulator program. These five completely free RADIUS testing and monitoring tools can help you check the initial configuration of the server and any changes you make.

Ubuntu Linux Lands on Intel Compute Stick

Full Linux operating system comes to portable Intel device platform.

Google's Preemptible Offers Virtual Machine-for-Hire Service on the Cheap

Willing to sacrifice reliability to save some cash when it comes to server virtualization? Google's Compute Engine Preemptible service may -- or may not -- be your best bet.

Dell's PowerEdge R920 Is a Monster of a Server

Dell's high-end R920 server certainly sports the specs, but can it handle nearly any workload of any size without skipping a beat?

3 Tips for Deploying a RADIUS Server for Wi-Fi Security

Getting ready to deploy a RADIUS server so you can utilize 802.1X authentication for enterprise Wi-Fi security? Here are a few handy tips to consider before moving forward.

Oracle Goes After Cisco UCS, with the 'Whole Megillah'

Oracle aims to compete on price, but Cisco isn't worried.

Stacking Up Three Windows Server-Based Storage Solutions

Our latest server review compares several storage solutions running under either Windows Storage Server or Windows Server Essentials.

Linux, Are You Our Hero?

Cover Your Assets: They say that a hero can save us; I'm not gonna stand here and wait.

Ruby programmer or Hacker, Are You Betting the Farm on BeanieBoy01?

Cover Your Assets: Know with whom you're working on that all-important project or it could cost you the farm.

Introducing Cover Your Assets, A Weekly Reality Check of Frugal vs. Folly

Cover Your Assets: Learning the difference between frugal and folly will save your IT budget, your job and your sanity.

IT Spending Recovery One Year Out

When it comes to IT, this recession won't be a repeat of the dot-com crash years, according to one industry watcher.

IDC: Economy Will Force IT to Transform

In 2009, expect to see big deals and sprawling new enterprise offerings emerging in cloud computing, Web 2.0 and virtualization.

More Bang for Your Buck, Tips for Recession-Savvy IT Hiring

Career and Staffing: Good news for those with unfilled headcount -- it's an employer's market out there. Learn how to make the most of it.

IDC Revises IT Spending Projections

Spending growth forecasts for 2009 slump further, but they aren't negative -- yet.

How Your Data Center Can Beat Rising Energy Prices

Greening your data center won't necessarily reduce your electricity bill, but it will save you money. Lots of money. Here's what you should be doing right now.

Economic Woes Impact Tech

A cadre of tech execs find reasons for optimism, but in general the bright spots are few and the good news will be slow in coming.

Does Hardware Matter?

Hard-Core Hardware: Faster, bigger, cheaper, greener -- Does anyone care what's inside the box anymore, or is server room hardware going the way of the television and telephone?

It's the Economy, Stupid

VMware's strategy may be sound, but its ultimate success will be reliant on forces beyond its control.

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