Power and Cooling

Cool is hot in the 21st Century server room.

Intel Debuts New Silicon at CES Including 8th Gen Core Processors

Intel arrived at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show with a full slate of announcements and previews of Quantum and Neuromorphic Computing innovations.

Supermicro's New X11SPM-TF Sports Intel Xeon Gold CPU and More

Looking to build out your own server? Supermicro has a solution with everything a system admin needs to construct a highly functional server system for less than $3000.

IBM Debuts POWER9 Server Systems

Latest generation of IBM's silicon is being initially targeted at Artificial Intelligence workloads.

China Dominates List of Top 500 SuperComputers as U.S. Summit Looms

The November Top 500 Supercomputer list is out, and while there's no change at the top, 2018 could see a brand new U.S.-based supercomputer top the list.

Qualcomm Debuts New ARM Server Chip

The Qualcomm Centriq 2400 is a 10nm server processor that could finally be the chip that makes ARM a player in the data center.

Intel Reports 3Q17 Revenue of $16.1B

Data center, cloud and server business show good growth as Intel places bets on Quantum Computing.

IEEE Set to Bring Certainty to Quantum Computing Definitions

New IEEE P7130 project will provide a standard for Quantum Computing definitions.

Intel Debuts New Xeon Scalable Processors

Intel announces a new Data Center platform silicon lineup that offers the promise of 1.65x higher performance than the prior generation.

AMD Debuts EPYC Processor to Displace Intel Xeon in Data Centers

Silicon vendor reveals its EPYC push to gain share against its primary rival.

U.S. Drops to 4th In Supercomputer Rankings

Chinese supercomputers continue to dominate the top spots on the Top500 supercomputer list.

U.S. Supercomputing Efforts Get $258M Government Boost

Department of Energy doles out big bucks for six research contracts in a bid to put American servers back on top.

Intel Skull Canyon NUC Handles Heavy Workloads

Intel's latest Next Unit of Computing device is a true portable powerhouse, packing quite a punch in a small form factor for adeptly handling any number of heavy workload and server scenarios.

HPE Debuts G2 Enterprise Racks and Advanced Enterprise Power Distribution Units

Hewlett Packard Enterprise updates its server rack portfolio.

Raspberry Pi Zero Updated with Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth

The new Raspberry Pi Zero W small embedded system adds integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, and sells for only $10 a board.

Intel Accelerates Server Performance with New Xeon E7 Processor

The Xeon E7-8894 v4 arrives as Intel's new performance champion.

Microsoft Plans to Build a Quantum Computer

Microsoft has appointed Veteran executive Todd Holmdahl to lead the company's efforts to build a scalable quantum computer.

Consider Consolidating Your Servers with a New Dell or HPE 4U Workhorse

If you have server or workload consolidation projects on tap, opting for one of the latest server systems from Dell or HPE could lead to significant cost savings.

IBM POWER9 Server Zaius Announced by Google and Rackspace

Latest IBM Power server benefits from multiple sets of new technologies.

Kaleao Comes to Hyperconverged Space With ARM-Based Systems

The startup also is using a new technology officials call "microvisors" to create KMAX appliances that are scalable and power-efficient.

IBM Brings More Power to Power8 Linux Server Lineup

NVIDIA NVlink technology arrives on POWER8 and delivers a 5x improvement in terms of bandwidth.

New Supermicro SuperBlades Pack Some Serious Power

Supermicro's latest blade servers feature Intel Broadwell CPUs and when paired with NVMe and SSD disks are total screamers in terms of performance.

Intel ARMs Silicon Fabrication

In a surprising move, Intel partners with ARM to build chips.

Why Rackspace Is Bringing POWER to Its Data Centers

[VIDEO] John Engates, CTO of Rackspace, discusses the opportunities the OpenPOWER architecture brings.

Rivals Google, Facebook Team Up on Efficient Rack Design

The two hyperscale companies worked together through the OCP to develop a new Open Rack standard to drive data center efficiency and performance.

Cisco's UCS Mini Is Ready for any Workload

There's nothing "mini" about the Cisco UCS Mini -- it's a full-fledged blade server platform with the ability to scale up to meet the large majority of enterprise needs.

Intel Aims to Compete with Itself to Drive Growth

Intel reports second quarter revenue of $13.5 billion as CEO details his plans for continuous innovation.

ARM Acquired by SoftBank for $31B

Mobile chip innovator gets picked up in a big deal.

New Supercomputer Champion Crowned at 93 Petaflops

For the first time in history China now has more supercomputers than the U.S.

Dell Brings Water-Cooling System to Hyperscale Data Centers

The company is collaborating with Intel to develop the Triton solution, which is aimed at scale-out data center environments.

Cavium, Marvell Want to Put More Pressure on Intel in Data Center

At Computex, Cavium unveiled its next-generation ThunderX2 ARM-based systems on a chip, while Marvell showed off its Armada 7000 and 8000 chips.

HPE Debuts Persistent Memory in ProLiant Gen9 Servers

Intel Xeon E5 2600V4 processors aren't the only new features in HPE ProLiant Gen9, as NVDIMM Persistent Memory makes its debut.

Applied Micro Provides ARM Boost to openSUSE Build Service for Linux

64-bit tech from Applied Micro added to SUSE's online platform that enables Linux packages to be built for different architectures.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Scales Large Linux Workloads with Integrity

HPE announces new Integrity MC990 X server optimized for Linux.

Intel Data Center Revenues Driving Growth

While the PC market is far from dead, it's not Intel's growth leader either.

Dell's PowerEdge R920 Is a Monster of a Server

Dell's high-end R920 server certainly sports the specs, but can it handle nearly any workload of any size without skipping a beat?

OpenPOWER: The First Fight Isn’t Intel, It’s ARM

Rob Enderle doesn't think OpenPOWER will have much trouble rolling over ARM on servers. There is simply too much of an imbalance.

Vapor Building an Open Compute Server Chamber

While the Vapor Chamber looks like a big Apple Mac Pro, that's just a coincidence according to Vapor's CEO.

IBM Invests $1 Billion into New z13 Mainframe Platform

Linux is a big winner and an area of focus for IBM's mainframe efforts now and moving into the future.

AMD to Demo Hadoop Running on ARM-Based Server

The demonstration will show the maturity of the ecosystem around the 64-bit ARM architecture as it moves into the data center.

HP Announces First 64-Bit ARM Moonshot Server

HP adds a pair of new servers to its Project Moonshot high-density platform.

Intel Sampling Xeon D SoC for Microservers, Networking, Storage

The processor eventually will join two other 64-bit Atom-based SoCs aimed at dense data center environments, a segment also being targeted by ARM.

Intel Xeon E5 v3 Aims to Be a Leading Indicator

Intel pulls the wraps off its latest server silicon, promising dramatic improvements in performance, security and monitoring capabilities.

Oracle Announces SPARC M7 with Security, Performance Enhancements

Integration with Database and Java development teams leads to new server CPU innovations.

HP Brings Liquid Cooling to Apollo High-Performance Server Portfolio

New Apollo portfolio of servers announced as well as expanded converged systems offerings.

AMD's Massive Data Center Consolidation Project Moving Along

Advanced Micro Devices is progressing on its plans to move all of its North American data centers into a single 153,000-square-foot facility near Atlanta.

HP DL580 Gen8 Server Innovates with Power

With power and cooling the two most significant operating costs for servers, a more power-efficient solution can significantly impact the bottom line. In that respect, HP's new DL580 Gen8 certainly delivers.

Early Adopters Test New Supermicro Redundant UPS Module for Servers

The PWS-1K03B-1R uninterruptable power supply (UPS) offers redundant battery backup.

5 Steps to an Optimized Data Center

Follow the Google's data center efficiency model when designing, locating and equipping your own data center.

Emerson Network Power Keeps Server Rooms Chill

Hard-Core Hardware: Emerson Network Power, parent company of Liebert Precision Cooling Brand, has product designed to cool every server room -- from those that can fit into a closet to large data centers.

Power and Cooling Savings From the Ground Up

Hard-Core Hardware: Every watt saved at the server component level increases three-fold as it it works its way back through the power and cooling infrastructure. This step-by-step guide runs the numbers and shows you how to shave nearly 30 percent off your power and cooling costs without impacting processes.

How Your Data Center Can Beat Rising Energy Prices

Greening your data center won't necessarily reduce your electricity bill, but it will save you money. Lots of money. Here's what you should be doing right now.

Keeping Cool in the Server Room

As more processing power gets crammed into the same amount of real estate, it is becoming increasingly challenging to get rid of excess heat. The latest solution -- water.

Hard Core Hardware: Playing the Power and Cooling Sweepstakes

Switch Communications Group's SuperNAP Colocation Facility in Las Vegas aims to match blade density with affordable power and cooling. Will it be a lucky bet for power-starved enterprises?

All Eyes on the Internal Environment

The environment in your server room is nearly as important as the equipment itself. Find out which products are best for getting better acquainted.

IBM Brings Power Gauges to Mainframes

The latest addition to Project Big Green is a "gas gauge" for its mainframes that will enable customers to monitor the precise energy consumption of their systems in real time.

Curb Your Power Usage With Less Watts

Intel has compiled a number of solutions for Linux shops that are designed to curb power usage.

Cassatt to Paint a Greener Data Center

The latest in energy management: Turn servers off when they're not needed.

Green Grid Project to Conduct Multiple Studies

The non-profit consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency will begin benchmarking energy inefficiency and data center costs. Data collection through a number of surveys will be the first step.

HP Grows Greener Data Center

Thermal Zone Mapping, technology designed to identify energy efficiency trouble spots in the data center is introduced, while Dynamic Smart Cooling receives some finishing touches before next month's launch.

Tip of the Trade: Saving on Power and Cooling

Energy conservation can be as simple as shutting off servers at the end of the day or using efficiency ratings on power supplies to guide purchases. To get started, the Kill-A-Watt cumulative kilowatt-hour monitor is a quick and inexpensive way to measure how much energy you're saving or consuming.

Tip of the Trade: Avoid Getting Fried on Cheap Power Supplies

Power supplies are one area where going cheap doesn't pay. Inferior power supplies can cause slowdowns, lockups, crashes and worse. The right product is one way to ensure systems remain healthy and stable.

The Power and Cooling Quagmire

Fix one and demand for the other may skyrocket. What steps can you take to mitigate both?

Server Density Makes Your UPS More Critical Than Ever

As blade servers and multi-core processors become more prevalent in the server room, the role of uninterruptible power supplies is changing and becoming even more important.

Rack Cooling Comes to the Fore

From hot-aisle containment cubes to water-based systems, rack cooling is hot. APC-MGE, Knurr, Liebert and Rittal strutted their best stuff at the CeBIT technology fair in Germany last month.

Data Center Users Speak Out

From Dell to University of Pennsylvania to Midwest ISO, power, server density and virtualization are the top-of-mind issues confronting data centers of all sizes and industries.

Is There a Moral Obligation to Be Energy Efficient?

The U.S. Department of Energy thinks so, and an unlikely consortium of AMD, Intel, HP, Dell, IBM and others have come together to rally around the cause.

Dell Seeks Energy Edge With New PowerEdge Servers

With its new PowerEdge Energy Smart 1950 and 2950 models, Dell entered the energy efficiency race this week.

Hardware Today: Energy Efficiency Hits the Data Center

Energy efficiency has become a top priority for chip vendors, OEMs and cooling vendors, alike.

Storage Power Needs Surge

Power and cooling issues pervade the data center. Storage is no exception to this. Its power consumption in the data center is now approaching that of servers.

Hardware Today: Build an Uninterruptible Data Center

In the next five years, power failures and power availability limitations may halt data center operations in more than 90 percent of companies. A UPS and a strategy for reducing power output is one way to be in the other 10 percent.

Hardware Today: Data Center Power Management

Water in the server room? Thanks to new cooling technologies, it's not only there when a natural disaster strikes. Liquid cooling and better rack designs are two ways enterprises are keeping the server room cool and energy costs down.

Shine a Light on Energy Costs

The impact of rising energy costs is being felt beyond the server room. IS organizations can no longer remain in the dark.

Cool Is Hot

In the 21st Century server room, power and cooling are fast becoming top concerns. IBM has released new products and services to address these challenges at the chip, server, and data center layers.

Cool Savings for the Data Center

HP is touting a holistic approach to energy savings in the data center that it claims will cut costs.

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