Lenovo's SR850 Server Packs Four CPU Sockets in a 2U Box

Lenovo has built some of the best management software we've tested into its beastly SR850 server, but are there any negative surprises hidden under its hood?

Dell Expands VDI Software and Hardware

Dell EMC debuts XC Xpress VDI rack appliance and new Latitude 3480 thin client.

New Supermicro SuperBlades Pack Some Serious Power

Supermicro's latest blade servers feature Intel Broadwell CPUs and when paired with NVMe and SSD disks are total screamers in terms of performance.

Cisco's UCS Mini Is Ready for any Workload

There's nothing "mini" about the Cisco UCS Mini -- it's a full-fledged blade server platform with the ability to scale up to meet the large majority of enterprise needs.

Dell's FX2s with the PowerEdge FC630 Packs Four Nodes into 2U

In need of a versatile building block capable of handling just about anything you want to throw at it? Check out what's essentially a cluster in a box from Dell.

HP's DL180 Gets the Gen9 Treatment

The HP DL180 Gen9 server may be just what you need if you're looking for a budget-priced two-socket server.

Fujitsu Boosts Performance of Its M10 Servers

The vendor said faster SPARC64 X+ chips will help the M10-1 and M10-4 servers, jointly developed with Oracle, increase performance by 30 percent.

HP Debuts Cloudline Servers from Foxconn Joint Venture

The new Cloudline servers are not intended to compete against existing ProLiant servers.

HP Gen9 Servers Pack More Punch

HP continues to innovate with each new generation of servers while maintaining the tradition of engineering quality hardware. Do the new Gen9 systems live up to that high standard?

HP Expands Moonshot Server Portfolio with x86 and Xen

HP's scale-out high-density server platform debuts new application-focused solutions.

Cisco Expands UCS Server Lineup for Cloud and the Edge

UCS rack and blade servers now have some company in Cisco's biggest server update in years.

Nvidia CEO: Tegra K1 ARM Chip May Be Used in Microservers

Jen-Hsun Huang says the mobile chip, which was introduced at CES in January, is generating some interest from server makers.

IBM Sells Server Business to Lenovo for $2.3 Billion

After another disappointing year of hardware sales, IBM throws in the towel on its low-end server business.

HP's ProLiant DL320e Gen8: Good Things Can Come in Small Packages

While the compact 1U ProLiant DL320 may not offer the cost savings of its MicroServer sibling, it does provide impressive compute power and features ideal for a small business or small branch office.

Blade Servers Buyer's Guide, x86 Edition

Looking to buy x86 blade servers? Here's what HP, IBM, Dell and Fujitsu have to offer.

Cisco Makes Big Data Center Play

After months of speculation, its new blade server debuts with a large partner ecosystem and vast promises.

Dell Plans to Cross Blades With Cisco

The company is planning to release a new set of blade servers based on upcoming Intel processors, right about the time Cisco enters the market.

IBM Ups Internal Storage in Blade Server

Adding larger-size drives to a blade means much more storage inside a blade chassis, rather than using external storage.

IBM, Rackable Team Up on Blades

IBM BladeCenter systems can now be installed inside of Rackable ICE Cube modular data centers.

Hitachi Sharpens New Blade Servers

Its latest Xeon and Itanium blades offer improved performance while consuming less power. Can Hitachi make a dent in the U.S. market?

PowerEdge Blades Get Fuel Injection

Dell unveiled an ambitious new design for both the chassis and blades that constitute the PowerEdge M1000e line. Will the enhancements compensate for Dell's delayed entry into what is evolving into a two horse race?

IBM Serves Up Blade for Retailers

In its quest to offer client-centered infrastructures, Big Blue Monday unveiled a custom-designed blade aimed at retailers.

Server Snapshots: HP BladeSystem c3000

Dubbed 'Shorty,' there's nothing small about the BladeSystem c3000 enclosure -- aside from its footprint.

Server Snapshots: Hitachi BladeSymphony 1000

As blades become increasingly commonplace in the enterprise, vendors are refining their offerings to ensure their blades are a cut above the competition. Hitachi is setting its Xeon-based server blades apart with firmware-based virtualization technology.

Server Snapshots: IBM BladeCenter LS21 and LS41

With the dual-core LS21 and LS41, IBM made BladeCenter an option for high-performance computing as well as consolidation. Now, it's looking ahead to quad core.

Scalent Speeds Virtual Server Deployments on HP Blades

With the latest partnership between HP and Scalent, HP's blade systems running Scalent Virtual Operating Environment will help facilitate a fast install and recovery option for virtualized servers.

Virtually Speaking: The I/O Differentiator

IBM and HP are taking the blade battle to the virtual realm. Will their approaches to I/O virtualization be the difference between the competing products?

Server Snapshots: HP ProLiant BL680c G5 Blade Server

Blades are bulking up, and HP is buying into the trend with the 4P quad-core Xeon 7300 based BL680c. Will it keep pace with changing enterprise computing needs?

Server Snapshots: HP SB600c Storage Blade

IT generalists with minimal storage expertise will find much to like about HP's SB600c Storage Blade.

Server Snapshots: Egenera BladeFrame EX

Egenera BladeFrame EX virtualizes network and storage in a blade form factor that fits in a standard, rack-sized chassis. Can this high-end offering walk the fine line between mature and cutting-edge?

Sun Blades Cut Three Ways

Mix and match UltraSPARC-, Opteron- and Xeon-powered blades in the latest offering from Sun.

Latest IBM BladeCenters Cool Down

Based on Intel quad-core and AMD dual-core processors, Big Blue's latest blade systems offer greater energy efficiency.

Server Snapshots: Verari BladeRack 2

IBM and HP may dominate the blade game, but they are far from the only players. Verari is one vendor stealthily expanding in this space. Its solution packs a powerful yet cool punch.

Data Center Users Speak Out

From Dell to University of Pennsylvania to Midwest ISO, power, server density and virtualization are the top-of-mind issues confronting data centers of all sizes and industries.

HP Sharpens Storage offerings

At this week's Storage Networking World HP unveiled a number of storage options for SMBs, including a dedicated storage blade and a SAN in a box.

Hardware Today: Sunlight or Shade for Blades?

As the debate over server blade maturity rages on, vendors from IBM and HP to Egenera and Verari continue to innovate and improve.

New IBM Blade Servers Aim to Check Rivals

IBM unveiled new blade servers and a chassis capable of routing data 10 times faster than previous systems.

Egenera Blades Keep Cool

The machines are piping data faster but the gear isn't getting hotter.

Blades for Banks

IBM is issuing a line of blades to help banks rein in their branch offices.

New Forms in the Battle to Protect Data

With PC blades, HP aims to protect data while keeping IT services costs down.

True Server Consolidation and Virtualization Stories

Costly data center build-outs and space-devouring server expansions are a thing of the past. Jerry Hodgen shares his tale of planning a server consolidation project and getting everyone, from prickly vendors to penny-pinching CIOs, onboard.

Fujitsu Adds Opteron Blades, Rack Server

Fujitsu is the latest vendor to board the Opteron bus, announcing Opteron blade and rackmount servers.

IBM, Novell Bet on Linux Blade Subscriptions

The companies look to cut customers' ownership costs while expanding their market reach.

Hardware Today: Dueling Blades

Blade servers are a particularly bright spot in a server market that continues to heat up. IBM and HP are the two shining stars.

Egenera Strikes Back With Blade Upgrade

The blade server pioneer has revamped its blade server software to differentiate itself from IBM and HP.

HP, Cisco Wield Data Center Blades

HP has sought out a trusted partner while it works on a switching solution of its own.

RLX Cuts Out Hardware

With IBM and HP tightening their lock on the blade server market, RLX has opted to manage blades rather than serve them.

Hardware Today: Is the Server Blade Honeymoon Over?

Last year, server blades were the tech industry's darling. Will this year's slow growth and domination by market behemoths cause the festivities to crash?

HP Refreshes Blade Portfolio

Hewlett-Packard Monday reorganized its server blade portfolio and offered a peek at some new management tools.

IBM, Intel Slice Open Blade 'DNA'

The companies will allow third-party vendors to build custom blades from the shared intellectual property.

Hardware Today: Vendors Sharpen Server Blade Offerings to Stay a Cut Above

The server blade market is growing by leaps and bounds. We look at the leading players as well as what to consider when choosing a vendor.

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