A sophisticated Web server that runs on any version of Windows workstation or server and supports a wide variety of scripting standards

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Posted Jun 20, 2002

This commercial release of Windows HTTPD offers a ton of features not commonly found in similar Web servers on the lower end of the market. In addition to a myriad of configurable settings, a Web 'quickstats' client, an image map editor, a Web indexer, and a server administration toolit are all right at your fingertips. While WebSite's closest competitor Alibaba does offer some of WebSite's features, Alibaba simply doesn't measure up when it comes to the overall quantity and quality of features found in WebSite. In addition to extensive online help documentation, when you purchase/register your copy of WebSite, you will also receive a complete and detailed user's guide for getting up and running with WebSite. Additional features for WebSite include CGI scripting, extensive logging options, basic level security and access control, and an intuitive, easy to use interface.

One downside to WebSite is that upgrades for the standard edition have been discontinued in favor of the client's high-end sibling, WebSite Pro. While a bit long in the tooth (the last update was made in August of 1996), WebSite remains feature for feature one of the better Web servers for setting up sites for individuals and small workgroups. Still, at $249, this is not an app that fits into the budget of all users; for this reason, a careful examination of the alternative servers available is one critically important tip that you won't find listed in the WebSite manual. Additionally, if you operate a Web site in a larger environment or if you have a high-traffic site, WebSite Pro or a similar high-end Web server will likely meet your needs better than the standard WebSite client. Deerfield's WebSite (formerly WebSite Pro) is a Web server for Windows, which may be redundant, given that Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) is included with Windows Server products such as NT, Windows 2000 Server and XP Server.

Pros: Excellent set of features, one of the better entry-level Web servers on the market
Cons: Price is quite high, especially with freeware alternatives available; somewhat outdated

New in v1.1h: Minor bug fixes, most likely the final release of the standard release of WebSite
Upgrade Meter: 1

Version Reviewed: 1.1h
Date of Review: 9/1/98
Reviewed by: Forrest Stroud
Additional Information available
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Review of WebSite

Technical Support Information: The standard edition of WebSite is no longer supported by O'Reilly. Free online support for the Pro version is available at WebSite Central and includes software updates and free tools, WebSite Knowledge Base, product documentation, mailing list and conference information, white papers, and more. WebSite Pro also offers free phone and e-mail support as part of its Standard Support program. A Priority Support program is also available with pay-per-incident tech support and annual contract tech support.

Operating Systems Supported: Windows 9x/Windows NT

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