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Posted Jun 5, 2002

A Connection tab controls what type of connection is made and how often dial-up connections are made. If you're working with a dedicated Internet connection, this level of configuration can be on the difficult side, since you're dealing with the manual configuration of TCP/IP addresses and protocol settings. This is an area where 602Pro Internet Server Lite isn't the most elegant solution on the market - a tool like WebRamp is easier to install and configure on a dedicated connection.

The Web server, located on the standard port 80, is certainly nothing fancy; its only noteworthy feature is support for ISAPI and the FastCGI protocol. The Proxy tab allows fine-tuning of the proxy cache setting, including how often the cache is flushed and if CGI queries should be cached. In addition, specific IP addresses and domain names (both source and destination) can be blocked, and with the use of wildcards you can block access to a range of IP addresses. Although we didn't use 602Pro Internet Server Lite as a Windows NT service, it can be set up to run as a service (which would certainly be the most efficient approach if you're already making use of a Windows NT server). Finally, there's standard logging to file, although logfiles are by default deleted after three days. (Luckily, this can be changed.)

This configuration can be performed by the local utility or remotely via Web browser. The authentication isn't particularly sophisticated - consisting of a username and password - but for most small installations it will suffice.

One nice touch to 602Pro Internet Server Lite is the presence of a Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) server, which automatically assigns IP addresses and configuration policies for the entire network.

You can view system statistics in real time or sort through the logfiles.

Having the ability to publish Web pages via the same server hosting proxy and DHCP services is a real plus, allowing 602Pro Internet Server Lite to stand out in the crowd.

Pros: 7 Includes Web server, complete with ISAPI and FastCGI support, 7 Includes DHCP server, 7 Can be set up as a Windows NT service, 7 Supports browser-based administration, 7 Easy to configure for dial-up connections, 7 Supports SOCKS, RealAudio and Net2Phone native proxies

Cons: 7 Web server is limited, 7 Setting up dedicated connection was complicated, 7 Only mail and news support comes via mapping, 7 Firewall is very basic

New: 7 Proxy server adds Web server, DHCP server and firewall; 7 Release Notes
Upgrade Meter: 4


New in 602Pro LAN Suite 2000: Support for any Internet connection; rule-based dial-up; a network HTTP cache; unlimited user proxy server scheduler; SOCKS 4 & 5 support; a DNS server; an integrated HTTP Web server; an integrated SSL Web Server; TCP and UDP mapped links; remote administration from any Web browser; network fax server; messaging queue maintenance; 2 X DES 56K encryption; secure central messaging archive; MAPI support; Release Notes
Upgrade Meter: 5

New in 2000a: Faster mail access; VPN connection support; added user rights; automatic fax conversion; improved security; Release Notes
Upgrade Meter: 3

New in v2000.0.1.27: Fixed random lock-ups during start-up when a SCSI disk is used; automatic proxy cache now turns off for URLs including "?", .asp, .php, .exe, and cgi-bin; cookies through the proxy no longer have a size limit; if the error "No data record available" or "Try again" is received by the proxy, it will try again to connect before it sends an error to the user; fixed random crashes on Windows 2000; set a limit on the number of simultaneous requests processed; aliases now have no limit; added time out when data is sent to the CGI-BIN (before it would overload the CPU); resume support added; added better compatibility with related plug-ins; changed initialization of virtual address for Windows 2000 in SOCKSDLL.INI (fixed some isolated problems on Windows 2000); fixed lock-up during FTP upload from Windows Commander; Release Notes
Upgrade Meter: 3

New in v2000.0.1.34: Fixed problem with duplicate e-mail messages sent to users on the same local domain name; UTF-8 encoding error fixed for received messages; fixed a Denial of Service attack in the Web Admin; increased the TCP/IP buffer space size in Windows 95/98/ME; new manual content included in the HELP file; Outlook/Outlook Express support (fax number format) for their specific format; compatibile with Microsoft Windows ME; removed Net2Phone proxy; fixed problem when loaded .PDF files through a Web browser from the proxy cache; Release Notes
Upgrade Meter: 3

New in v2000.0.1.35: Cache preloading was added, allowing frequently accessed, large files to be preloaded; fixed the fax back problem where an undeliverable message was faxed back to the original fax sender; fixed the duplicate message problem when the e-mail header was modified; Release Notes
Upgrade Meter: 3

New in v2000.0.1.36: Can fax the same message to multiple recipients; fixed fax header and fax ID, which were not being saved on close and restart; fixed message sorting by fax ID to specified users; fixed PATH error when using CGI scripts within the Web server; fixed random Web server crash due to invalid CGI input; Release Notes
Upgrade Meter: 3

New in v2000.0.1.37: Can fully prohibit FTP and HTTP traffic from being passed through the SOCKS proxy; fixed problem that caused mapped links to stop responding after being edited through the Web admin interface; Web admin no longer ignores IP filter parameters; fixed a Denial of Service attack that would crash LAN SUITE by sending a request over 1032 characters to the Web server; Release Notes
Upgrade Meter: 2

New in v2002: Five-user version is now free for commercial and noncommercial use; added Secure SSL SMTP/POP3 server; integrated support for third-party anti-virus software from Grisoft; anti-spam protection; added Web Mail client, to gives users access to e-mail anywhere; automatic message processing; SSL Web server provides secure access to Web pages and Web mail; W3C Log support; added Shared Address books through Web Mail; online product registration is now required; completely redesigned the Web Remote Administrator; Release Notes
Upgrade Meter: 5

New in v2002.0.02.0314: Added simple WAP E-mail access that allows users to access e-mail from any WAP-compatible phone (i.e., http://servername/wap); dial-up connection is now immediately disconnected when POP3 messages are collected or outbound SMTP messages are sent; "leave a copy of messages on server for x days" feature has been added to the Web administration interface; checks for characters allowed in domain names; checks if an SSL certificate was created during the configuration of any SSL service (i.e., SSL WEB/POP3/SMTP); does not use the dial-up connection for sending out e-mail to the LAN; can be installed into a folder with a space; list of POP3 predefined collection times now saves across server restarts; fixed dial-up connection logging; fixed where only the first imported NT user would have an assigned Internet address; importing NT users over the license limit has been fixed so that an error message is displayed and users will be added up to the license limit; Outlook Express 6.0 is compatible with SSL POP3/SMTP; changed warning messages for import hosts, senders into anti-spam list and import URLs into prohibited/allowed sites list; dialog windows made large font compatible; build number added to the 602Pro LAN SUITE SendFax Client; Release Notes
Upgrade Meter: 3

Version Reviewed: 3.32b
Reviewed by: Kevin Reichard
Last Updated: 4/1/02
Date of Original Review: 6/10/99

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