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Vapor IO Brings OpenDCRE to General Availability

Vapor IO first publicly emerged earlier this year with plans to build a new type of data center server system as well as a new open-source software platform called Open Data Center Runtime Environment (OpenDCRE) to help control data centers.

After several months of development and fine-tuning this year, OpenDCRE is now being made as Generally Available by Vapor IO. Vapor Chamber

"We’ve released the code into the wild via github and dockerhub," Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO, told ServerWatch. "We've announced partners standardizing on it, and we've introduced an IPMI bridge so legacy infrastructure can be supported."

OpenDCRE is a technology that can help enable the automation of data center infrastructure by providing a common platform for infrastructure communications. Vapor IO is positioning OpenDCRE as a replacement and alternative to the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) standard specifications that have been in use for over a decade.

Crawford commented that the OpenDCRE GA is a 1.0 release.

"We have set up jenkins for continuous integration and expect to release new functionality regularly," Crawford said.

While OpenDCRE is an open effort, it's still early days and contributions from outside of Vapor IO are just now starting to come in.

"We are working through our first community contribution now and the code is not even a week old," Crawford said.

From a competitive standpoint, Crawford isn't too worried about legacy issue as being a barrier to adoption. He explained that because of the backwards compatibility with legacy infrastructure via the IPMI bridge and the fact that Vapor IO offers a unique value proposition in the form of a completely community-driven standard, he expects that end users will see the value in the simple and elegant tech Vapor IO is bringing to the market.

Vapor Chamber Server Makes Its Debut

The other big piece of Vapor IO's overall business is the company's Vapor Chamber server system. The Vapor Chamber fits six racks of servers and leverages open standards from the Open Compute Project (OCP).

"The full chamber was displayed at DCD Converged Europe," Crawford said. "We’re excited to announce the partners we have in place in Q1 next year."

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at ServerWatch and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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This article was originally published on November 25, 2015
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