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Tips from Experts on Building a Private Cloud

Diving headfirst into the cloud is a daunting proposition for many enterprises, and potential pitfalls like legacy environments, the threat of cost overruns and degraded application performance can undermine a company's cloud ambitions.

While thoughts of overcoming obstacles like these might have some ready to bunker down in their data centers, hiding from all things cloud, as long as you carefully think through the challenges and plan ahead, there are very real benefits that can potentially be gained from making the transition to the cloud.

Cloud ComputingAnd for many enterprises, the safest on-ramp to cloud computing is building a private cloud. While certainly not risk free, private clouds don't have as many security, compliance and data-ownership challenges as public ones.

As long as you understand the challenges you'll face and plan ahead to overcome them, building a private cloud will put you on the road to a streamlined, efficient and flexible IT infrastructure.

To help you succeed when it comes time to build your own private cloud, here are five tips from private cloud experts:

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This article was originally published on January 10, 2013
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