Survey Shows Demand for SQL Server Repair and Recovery

A recent survey conducted by Web Team highlights the demand for repair and recovery of SQL tables. As reported on Law Fuel, users that save data in MDF files complain that most of the time when there is inconsistency in SQL Server, they receive error messages that informs that the tables are corrupted. Since there is no powerful in-built way to recover get out of this problem and recover SQL tables, that is why users switch to SQL Recovery tools.


"The survey held in different geographical areas and SQL users from different arenas participated in it. Results of the survey are stated as: “SQL Server is an application that stores all records within tables and helps to easily perform various computational operations .With utilization of MS SQL Server in different domains, it has become a widely used and favorite application of educational institutions and business organizations."

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This article was originally published on September 27, 2011
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