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Red Hat Pulls the Strings on Server Management with Satellite 6

Red Hat is now testing the latest iteration of its Satellite server management technology with a beta release of Satellite 6.

"Satellite 6.0 is far more than the next release of Satellite 5; Satellite 6.0 is a totally new generation of Systems Management from Red Hat," David Caplan, principal product manager, Red Hat Satellite, told ServerWatch.

Caplan noted that Satellite 6 is built from several successful upstream projects, including theforeman.org, Pulp, Red Hat Satellite 6Puppet and Katello. In the past, Satellite was based on the open-source Spacewalk project, which was originally created by Red Hat back in June of 2008 to be the basis for Red Hat's server management efforts.

"Satellite 6 is not based on Spacewalk," Caplan said. "It is fully derived from existing upstream projects that we have spent the last 3 years integrating into Satellite 5 - like workflows."

A Bevy of New Features in Satellite 6

Caplan explained that Satellite 6 offers a raft of new features and new approaches to Satellite 5 functionality. The most significant advance in Satellite 6 is the seamless integration of Puppet.

"Satellite is able to combine Red Hat Products (RPM) and packages with Puppet Modules in a single container for specifying OS, layered products, and configuration recipes," Caplan commented. "The new content container is called a Content View."

Caplan noted that Content Views can be published into customer-defined deployment environments (e.g. Dev, QA, Productions) for consumption during the provisioning and configuration phases of systems management. Going a step further, Satellite 6 provides full-on federation with a new distributed component called the Red Hat Satellite 6 Capsule Server.

"Capsule servers are deployed across the enterprise and are managed centrally by the Satellite 6 Server," Caplan said. "The Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server mirrors content assigned to lifecycle environments (e.g. Dev, QA, Production) and hosts all necessary services for coordinate and automate provisioning, configuration (Puppet Master), DNS registration, DHCP management, Identity Management and BMC (IPMI) management."

Satellite 6 is currently in beta release, and Red Hat is expecting the platform to reach general availability in late 2014.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at ServerWatch and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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This article was originally published on July 10, 2014
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