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NGINX Plus Release 12 Boosts Application Delivery Platform

NGINX Inc announced the debut of NGINX Plus R12 on March 14, providing organizations with an enhanced web server for application delivery.

NGINX first debuted the Plus offering back in August 2013, as an expanded enterprise-grade platform that builds enhanced capabilities on top of the open-source NGINX web server. NGINX Plus Release 12The new NGINX Plus R12 is based on the open-source NGINX 1.11.10 release that first became available on Feb. 14.

Among the enhanced capabilities in the NGINX Plus R12 update are improved clustering capabilities. NGINX CEO Gus Robertson explained that his company had already supported high availability pairs or clusters for NGINX Plus for traffic distribution.

"What's new with R12 is the ability to synchronize configuration between all of the instances in the cluster," Robertson told ServerWatch. "This configuration synchronization feature allows an administrator to configure a cluster of NGINX Plus servers from a single location. These servers share a common subset of their configuration."

nginScript Coding Language Debuts in NGINX Plus R12

Also new in R12 is the nginScript coding language for programming policies for sophisticated traffic management. Robertson explained that nginScript is a unique JavaScript implementation for NGINX and NGINX Plus. The nginScript code can be embedded in the NGINX Plus configuration to perform custom actions on HTTP, TCP, and UDP requests and responses.

"nginScript is available for free to all NGINX Plus subscribers and is fully supported, and is available for open source users as well," Robertson said.

Looking forward to future updates of NGINX, Robertson said clustering will continue to be an important theme for NGINX and forthcoming releases will include further support for running multiple instances of NGINX Plus in a cluster. He also expects nginScript will be extended with more language support and new use cases for programmatic configuration.

"The core of open source NGINX will continue to receive improvements in efficiency, performance and standards-compliant implementations of the technologies that build the modern web," Robertson said. "NGINX now powers the majority of the world’s top 100,000 busiest sites, according to W3Techs, and is on track to become the leader for the top million sites in 2017. "

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at ServerWatch and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

This article was originally published on March 14, 2017
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