New Zend Server Release Supports Mac OS X Platform Developers

Zend has announced support for Mac OS X platform developers , in the latest version of its PHP web app server. Developers using PHP and bringing Macs into the development environment can now leverage the agility of PHP for Web app development when they use Zend Server, with PHP runtime, monitoring, diagnostics and performance optimization.

"Zend is seeing increased demand for Zend Server's enterprise-class capabilities from the community that develops on the Mac development platform," said Zend CEO, Andi Gutmans."

Zend Server 5.6 makes it possible for developers on the Mac OS X platform to quickly develop (or modernize) Web-based applications that are targeted for deployment to Linux and Windows production environments.

For the growing numbers of IT organizations using PHP and bringing Macs into the development environment, Zend said its 5.6 release offers important advantages for both app performance and quality, and productive collaboration on the web and in the cloud.

Mac developers can also leverage Zend Server capabilities such as Job Queue and other performance optimizations including code acceleration, full page caching and data caching to help developers improve application response times, reduce server load, and improve the end-user experience.

"The release of Zend Server for Mac is great news for our development teams, who want to use Zend Server's Job Queue without having to run it in a virtual machine using a different OS," said Zend customer, Nicolas Fabre, CTO, Emakina France. "Now they can use Zend Server natively on their Macs to optimize application page load times, delivering an improved end-user experience for our websites."

Zend Server 5.6 provides a complete, fully integrated PHP stack including the latest PHP runtime and Zend Framework, the leading PHP application framework. Rather than spend time installing, configuring and tracking PHP libraries and drives, developers can focus on coding.

According to Zend, proactive application monitoring and alerts keep developers informed of potential errors or bottlenecks in real-time -- and Zend Server's Code Tracing provides a detailed execution history to help developers pinpoint and resolve root cause issues quickly and eliminate 'trial and error' troubleshooting.

Zend Server supports the industry's most robust PHP/Java Bridge. This allows enterprises to adopt a PHP standard while leveraging their Java infrastructure, or specific Java apps such as SIP signaling in the communications industry or JDBC for creating connectivity to SQL databases.

"Developers can also enjoy the benefits of Zend Server in the Zend Developer Cloud, which provides a free developer sandbox designed for fast, efficient coding. It's only a few clicks away, requires no installation, offers the flexibility to use a variety of tools, and facilitates collaboration, said Zend.

This article was originally published on January 19, 2012
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